Great tool for leaf removal & hauling!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Brian@ELST, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. Brian@ELST

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    I wanted to show you all a very cost effective tool that I am totally impressed with! Ive never seen one of these before and when I discovered it, I bought it without hesitation.

    This dump bed insert fit right into the stock bed of my Chevy 3/4 ton truck. I installed it in an bolted right down through the bed and into the truck frame! It has two hydraulic cylinders that power up to 6000 lbs into the dump position.

    This allows you to use your exixting 3/4 or 1 ton truck for greater productivity without having to pay labor costs to hand unload or dish out the big bucks for a separate dump truck.

    I added some expanded metal sides to increase my hauling capacity and this fall I am enclosing the top and back and adding a 16hp leaf loader.

    The picture shows the truck loaded to the top with firewood...and it dumped it with ease!

    Express Lawn Services of Tulsa

  2. KLMlawn

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    Yes, for those of you who already have a pick-up and cannot either afford or have room for another dedicated dumpbody truck, or are just looking to expand the capabilities of your existing pick-up, a dump-body insert is definately the way to go !!!
  3. Nice set up-
    where did you purchase and how much $.
    I've got 2 trucks and want to put a dump bed on one, seems like there were always some in the paper used until I was ready to purchase. I'll get a new one if I can't find used soon.
  4. TLS

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    I'd watch many of the USED models. All that I've seen were RUSTED beyond belief. EZ_Dumper is one brand, TruckCraft is another. The TruckCraft has steel and aluminum dumps. The aluminum looks like a real nice unit. Extruded, boxed floor, and a bit lighter than a comparable steel one.

    Make sure your not overloading you trucks with these! Most 3/4T pickups only have about a 2500lb payload. So take the weight of the dump body off that, and your not left with much. 1/2 ton, forget it for everything except maybe leaves.
  5. Darryl G

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    Good point TLS. I looked into a dump insert for my 3/4 ton chevy (which will currently payload 1.6 tons legally if I take the tool box off), but decided to get a combo low profile dump/equipment trailer instead for the reasons you mentioned. Besides, I need an equipment trailer anyway to haul my tractor (my 6 x12 trailer won't do the job).

    Don't get me wrong Brian, your set-up looks nice!
  6. I need mine for leaves, 1-3 yds mulch to jobs and pruning debris, clean ups etc. so weight not a big problem. I always have more that 1 yd top soil delivered. Wont be a daily use item for me.
    Rust not a big problem here with our dry air- trucks 25-30 years old with little rust. I was hoping to find the aluminum insert though-weight concerns mostly. Mechanics of the used equipment a bigger concern though-If I dont find a great buy on used I'll go new.
    With bad year here expect to see lots of equipment for sale this winter-allready lots of power equipment showing up in paper
  7. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    That payload figure seems a little low to me....ive got a 99 ram 2500 and in the winter ive got a 2 yrd salter fully loaded with 4200 lbs of salt, plus the weight of the salter in the back of the 3/4 ton.....i also have a ez-dump in the summers and i can put 2 yrds of topsoil in it wth no sweat.
  8. Shady Brook

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    I don't think that TLS is saying that the truck will imediately break if you overload it according to specs, but what he is saying is that according to load rating numbers, you should not legally carry more then around 2500 extra pounds in a 3/4 ton. Example: I have a F250 reg cab, 4x4, PSD, and she weighs around 6000-6250 empty depending on the scale. with me in add around 200 more, which gets me in the visinity of 6500 with fuel and some tools. That is only about 2000 below my GVW of 8600! Put in a dump bed with some sides, and I am near 7500 pounds leaving me room for 1000 or so in payload. Have I had more weight on the truck then the specs allow for?... Sure, but it has got to take it's toll on the breaks, tranny, and suspension parts. Plus fines could be assessed if ever you were stopped by the dot.

    Imagine what the payload is for a 3/4 crew cab diesel is? It ain't much!

  9. Brian@ELST

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    The dump bed insert weighs around 700 lbs and I have not noticed any significant difference in the payload capability of my 3/4 ton after the addition of the insert. To say the payload capacity is now only 1/2 ton at best is incorrect.

    It is routine for me to tow my 16' trailer full of lawn equipment (5000 lbs) and have my truck bed loaded with 2500 lbs of material. No problems whatsoever. In the winter months I carry 3,000 to 4,000 lbs of firewood in a single load. I have never had any problems or issues with stopping distance, suspension, etc.
    I do make sure to keep 10 ply (E rated) tires all the way around.

    I believe today's 3/4 ton trucks are tough enough to handle loads of up to 4000lbs. Most people have enough common sense to know when a truck is overloaded or in an unsafe condition.

    If you are thinking of a dump bed insert for your to someone who owns one to find out the real issues. Others will mean well, but the truth is that they can only speculate.

    Express Lawn Services of Tulsa
  10. thfireman

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    A few years ago I ran across a man that had a pick up that was fitted with a hydrolic lift that was attached to the truck bed. The whole bed of the truck lifted. He said he bought the kit from some mail order company. It shipped with the hydrolic lift arm, 2 heavy bed hinges, hydrolic lines and fluid, electric pump and control box. I think he said it cost around $600 for the set up.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this or know who might sell it? That might decrease the extra load.:confused:

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