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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by lawntennis, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. lawntennis

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    I just had a website designed by Wraine on ifreelance. He designed this site for $250. I just gave him some text and pictures and he put it together. Ifreelance is great. You put what you want done and get bids from all over the world. The guys have a porfolio you can check out and reviews from people that have used them in the past. I would highly recommend Wraine. He can be reached at
  2. tonygreek

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    I'd recommend reading the past reviews on here, and applying what you read to your site. You'll want to pay attention to those that pertain to basic on-page SEO principals, adding contact/service area information to your header/footer, etc.

    Sinking Valley is probably going to prove to be a bit broad for search, so if you have specific service areas of Tyrone, Altoona, Huntingdon, State College, wherever, you'll want to work that in to your tagging and content.
  3. dnc19694339

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    Its respectable looking but I saw several spelling and grammar errors in the 2 minutes I was on the site. Get them fixed asap if you want customers to take you seriously. As far as the SEO, thats Tonys gig, do whatever he says!
  4. greg8872

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    The overall look isn't bad, other than that contact form at the bottom. The code behind it, is old school design (using tables where not needed, using spacer images to position things), and also note that the page's code doesn't validate, which any page coming from a web developer, there is no reason for that. (once a client edits a page, well then all kinds of things can break ;).

    The contact form, I hist submit without entering anything, really looked bad on the "result", doesn't fit in the area, and absolutely no validation.

    Check what your site looks like to Search Engines:

    Right now your site id completely localized to those who know where sinking valley is (and to be honest, the font used on your site, I had to focus to read what it actually said). Only reason I had any clue to the location was the same area code as my relatives next county over from you.

    I did try looking up your domain, to see if that game more of a clue, however I see the domain is registered to the person who made your site, which means they own/control it. This is always something advised against, I have more than once had to fight to get a company/organization to have control over their domain before. Now usually not a problem, unless you have a dispute with the person or the person stops doing sites...

    The About Us page's content is hard to read, just too much text in a big block.

    So for the price you paid, can you edit the site yourself? Really these days, there is no excuse not to have it. (My clients that choose to have me edit their sites, there is still some type of CMS I use, not actually manually changing the pages).

    The big things I would change asap is that contact form and make it more clear your service areas and get the code adjusted for better SEO. (as already mentioned, look over posts here from past year to see many of the tips given to others also applies to your site.)


    PS, agree also on the spelling issues...
  5. jonthepain

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    yah it looks it
  6. lawntennis

    lawntennis LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thanks for the comments. I just discovered this section and i will do a search on seo. Checked out and will correct spelling. Still happy with his work.
  7. tonygreek

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    Plan of Action:
    1. Get ownership of your domain.
    2. No, really. Get the domain.
    3. Learn the other things to help you along. Get some coffee and kill a couple/few hours reading this sub-forum.
    4. Have that domain in your name yet?
    5. Profit.

    Cheers and good luck. Yell if you need advice on anything.
  8. PaperCutter

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    On the about us page, I now know the entire company history. It still doesn't answer one important question: so what? Is the new owner hands on? Does he have experience? Does he love this business or is it just another business in his portfolio, next to a Subway restaurant and a Stanley Steemer? See where I'm going with this?

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