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    i just want to say i really like the dane mowers and if anyone here works for them id like to say i think you should get the web site up and not just have it say comming soon...its been a year and i think they are lossing sales and should get there s### together so we can see there new mowers,and order parts.i was going to get one of those mowers that fold up to get in gated areas but now that i can never find info on them i will just get somthing else,
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    would you be able to order parts from there website when it is done ??<br>i dont think they would do that ...<br>i have not seen a manufacturer do it yet...<br>as far as the gate mower (fold up deck unit)<br>it is a nice unit, saw one and used it back in july at the mower expo, looks real strong !!

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