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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LP, Feb 23, 2003.

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    Buyers beware, I bought one last summer and from the beggining was very dissapointed with the poor quality of cut. The mower will do 10 miles per hour, but will only cut at less than half that speed and this is the cherry on top, the transmission belt has broken 3 times with less than 80 hours on the unit and thats not the bad part, in order to change the belt you have to take it to the shop and hoist it into the air drop the deck and other tedious task that takes 2 people to accomplish and in order to load on the truck to get to shop you must loosen pump screws all the way out and hook a chain to it and pull it on-to the trailer with another mower which has cost me up to 3 hours for a 3 man crew on each occasion, which as you guys well know during the heat of the growing season this is something you cannot afford to have to deal with, I was told by dealers that the 36 is not like any of the bigger surfers which from all I have heard are great mowers but also was told the defects on this 36 waranted enough that the mower should not be sold until these problems had been addressed, so guy's if you are thinking of getting one ....Think hard!!!! These 36 inch cutting mower's sell for a whopping 6000.00 and there not worth 200.00!!!!!
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    Were you on the Surfer when this happen??? I have not heard this at all about the Surfer. I am guessing you bought the unit new. Did the dealer say it was a problem from the factory?? I work with a Lesco 48" WB that was chewing up belts and it was a pulley problem from the factory. When the unit was bulit the drive pulley at the axel was damaged and the wrong width causing a mis aligned belt. They repleaced the pulley and 700 hours later with not one belt issue. Just curious if this could be the same type of thing. I would not be happy at all if the unit went down three time in 80 hours. I would have told them to replace it on the stop no questions asked.

    Had a problem like this with my PermaGreen. It broke down three time in less than 40 hours of operation. On the third time I returned to the dealer and refussed to leave without a new unit. After a few phone calls they uncreated a new unit. 100 hours later not one problem. The fact that I pay cash for all my equipment, material, and such might have helped not sure, but it worked.

    Please let me know how this turned out for you. Thanx
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    I'll give you $500 for it! lol

    Sorry to hear about your problems.
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    I understand this must be disappointing. My 23 Kawi motor on my Z-HP had some type of factory defect (<350 hours)in the motor which eventually led to a new motor.
    There are lemons out there I know cuz I found one, but they are the exception rather than the rule IMO. I have not heard of the KAwi motor problem much either.
    I amlikely going to purchase a Surfer 36 soon (tax prep almost done)
    so I will keep your post in mind.
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    Based on my research all of the 36 units exp. these problems and it has something to do with the design, but whether that be the case or not, I run 3 trucks loaded with mid z's and one walker and if at anytime one of these unit's break a belt they can be changed in the field with no mechanic involved with exceptions to this surfer, might be good for someone not trying to make a living cutting grass but in my opinion it's not good for me! If you guy's have noticed when john deere bought these surfers they made a decision not to sell the 36 whoooooooom, I wonder why?????

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