Greatdane surfer-What blades have you found that give youthe best cut?(northern lco')

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mr mow, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. mr mow

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    Whats the best blade you have found to work on your super surfer? I in particular have a 52" with 22hp kohler and have tried highlift scag,regular dane blades and now scags new gators. im still having issues with it cutting about an 1/8 to 1/4(my guess) lower on discharge side and leaving alittle grass standing on opposite side unless going really slow,also on discharge side it leaves little clumps along the edge of deck as im mowing(on ground,just wanted to clarify). Have made sure all airpressures are equalizied(backs the same and fronts the same) two new sets of blades;the high lifts and now the gators. I took my dane to the dealer on sat. went and got it tue night and they said they couldnt find anything. They checked spindles,blade height,they said "deck levelness"was fine(this is other not blade height). it was under warranty,even though it was used(demo),so it didnt cost me anything,which i apperciate,i ended up buying gators they said that might help(think they were focusing to much on little clumps i told them about) im more concerned about deck being level (or whatever it is) once thats fixed the clumps will take care of them self. I figure im just taking it to the other dealer in town and if they figure it out and it cost me money great. oh i could just go on and on,but thats enough info for now anybody got any suggestions to what the problem might be other than its a greatdane. two sets of new blades! its not blades or tire pressure............FOR SURE ive checked and replaced myself. what else?:cry: :drinkup: :cry: :drinkup: :cry: :drinkup: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:
  2. mr mow

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    please someone help
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    I had the same problem with one of my great danes last year. For me the chain that went from the deck to the bolt was a little off. Bolt was bent slightly, and when turning the mower the machine would cut noticeable lower on the right side. My expeirence with the danes SS is that they do have grass clump issues, more than other mowers I've used. I think the machine is a little underpowered myself. Everide recently bought Great Dane, I demoed the new surfer with the new deck design and its pretty sweet, throws the grass pretty far. Other than that we use scags high lift blades in the spring, and move onto gators summer into fall. Noticed your from madison WI, are you looking for some additional snow work this winter?
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    The thing to do is to put a staight edge across all three blades to make sure they are lined up. If they are level to each other then find a nice piece of level concrete. Set your setting on six on both sides and messure from the concrete to the bottom of the blade on each side. If these are the same then your seeing things. However if they are not the same you will have to loosen the double nuts and adjust the level. Just loosen one side until its even with the other side. At 6 you should have 4.5 approximently. Good luck!

    I thought John Deere owns Great Dane
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    John Deere did own Great Dane, but thankfully they sold it in October to Auburn Consolidated, and Aurburn knows how to build machines.
  6. mr mow

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    mathews lawn..e-mail me please. Im gonna subcontract for barnes inc(sure youve heard of them)been plowing for them for 12 yrs and mowed for them6-8 yrs not gonna do the math now, myself and two other guys split the 3rd in charge position equally(owner..Mark, lawn exec. of opereration then the 3 of us 1 was H.R., i was quality control(check jobs to make sure they were getting done properly) and i guess damage fixer upper and damage such as rock into siding or plow truck drive plowing down do you not see that?(there are some dandy plowers out there,its amazing they dont run down stop signs. mail box and stop sign sticking plenty above snow. no what i mean. wheres your head man?) and the good ol' sod and wash stone in the lawn problems. anyways mathews give me an email (seen a truck or two around) or call 608-219-9816/jason let me know what your thinking. if nothing else its always good networking. I had to turn down about 10 resi. jobs on westside and maybe i could have reffered them to you.
  7. mr mow

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    The problem has been solved and unfortunately i had to fix it myself even though it was under warranty(lazy fuc%ers no wonder the largest mowing company in town quit buying from them and went some where else) i will never ever buy even grease from them. the deck was(and i had said cutting atleast 1/4 inch lower on discharge side) took it in, they had it for 4 days(i told them i didnt need it for four case they were busy) went to pick it up they told me every thing was fine and level and that maybe it was the blades(hi-lift scag 18" on g.d. 52" deck takes same blade) ok whatever(cause obviously they think there right..Im not a mechanic just a simple"lawn boy") toook mower home after buying gators cause thats what they said the ss guys were running around here(i know its not the blades) guess what i measure blade tips as described in manual i had to download. discarge side 1/2 lower and back of deck was 1/2 lower than front(tolerences on that mower anyway you measure it is 1/8-1/4 and front should be lower than back) i am no mechanic and dont have the special measuring tool they use for blade tip height i just very methodically used several blocks of wood and scratched a groove into each one and kept it right. Oh my god does this mower cut great(compared to before) stripes pretty good for know kit. it cuts better than when i got it. mathews i hope you are reading i didnt want to do this but the dealer is Ander--- Th----
  8. promower

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    A.T has been good to me in the past. I have recently had a problem with a pin that goes through the lever arm keep breaking. Mechanics think were riding the machine to hard but thats not the case, pin has broke 3 times now in three weeks. Also had a problem with hubs breaking on one SS, A.T fixed a few times and it kept breaking, $175 each time. Finally fixed that one myself and built a bracket so the bolts dont have so much stress on them, havent had it break since. Other then that they have always seem to get our machines repaired pretty fast. Went to Johnson Sales once with a problem with a BP blower, 2 weeks after it was supposed to be fixed they call and say that its not worth fixing. Anyways good luck with your mower, things are starting to dry up here a little so hopefully we can get a little rain.
  9. watatrp

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    I've had good luck with bobcat high lift blades. They seem to create a lot more airflow than other blades that I've used. I've also used a double blade setup with great results. The double blade setup creates more airflow than you want sometimes so be careful. I use the super surfer w/ double blades when I am cutting tall wet grass so I can get the clippings to disperse without clumps.

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