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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by American Lawn, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. American Lawn

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    Does any one use one of these and how is the cut and are they comfotable for someone 6'3'' and how is the mulching kits or do you just run doubles
  2. Bill Davis

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    hey well i dont own one but demoed one extensively today and didn't like it too much. I was dissapointed because i really thought this was the mower for me. When i got on it the controls just seemed a little too low for me. Im tall like you (6'3") and the controls just weren't at the right height. the pad that you lean against just didn't feel to good either. once i started moving i was not impressed. The mower was so slow!! My wb's go much faster than this one did. The one i test drove was a 52 inch. I think it had like a 21 hp kaw. I decided that i will just save up a little more and buy a ZTR. If you are looking to save money then just buy a top of the line wb. These standers just aren't what i though they would be. sorry for the bad report this is just my opinion.
  3. lawnkid

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    Hey bill, I also went this past weekend to my dealer and rode around a little on a Super Surfer 23hp and really liked it. I thing you drove the old version because they don't makeum anymore with Kaw 21hp. The new version goes a bit faster, has adjustable controls, and well I don't know about the pad rest though. Think about it, when you pull up to someone's lawn with a rider, most landscapers get lazy and don't want to get off the rider to pick up some twigs or trash. Ah what the hell's it gonna do to the mower and they just run it over. At least the standing mowers allow you to jump off easilyand do stuff. I mean it's also better than a wb cause you are able to leave the mower running while you go empty a catcher or something where wb's these days all have kill switches. Your better off with standing mower.

    American Lawn,
    The surfer has supposedly one of the best quality of cuts around without striping kits. I don't know how it is for guys your height though, i'm only 5'11. I wuld assume that they would be ok with singles. Good Luck!
  4. You mean operator pressance controls for "SAFETY" reasons.

    No you can leave a mower (WB or ZTR) running just have to turn off the blades, put the lever(s) in nutral and/or set the parking brake.

    So how safe would it be to leave the baldes running while you stick your hand by them running?

    Now who fed you the line they have the best quality cut? Every dealer is going to say that with the products they sell.

    Demo one for your self and make your own judgments.

    Disclaimer: I read you said you demoed one, but cannot make any kind of claim since you are not really cutting any grass at this time of year.
  5. SLS

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    Doing a demo cutting grass (not just driving it in the parking lot) would be my advice. See how it actually cuts grass before you plunk down your hard earned money.

    A fellow LCO in the neighborhood had his Bunton W/B stolen last spring and he replaced it with a used Super Surfer. It didn't cut well at all on slightly hilly lawns. It cut uneven and left lots of 'stringers'. I'm sure he maintained blades and I don't know what the problem was. I looked a a few other lawns that I knew he serviced and they weren't ant better...even the flat ones. It also looked like mowing the ditch areas were giving him problems that the Bunton flew over. He has a lawn next to one of mine and after the second time he cut it with the Super Surfer the neighbor came over, complained about the cut he was receiving, and asked me if I wanted to take it over. I did not want to step on any toes so I told him I was booked for the season....and a couple of weeks later I saw a new crew there.

    I can't imagine that it was 'operator failure' his cuts with the Bunton looked real nice.

    Just an observation/experience that I had relating to a Super Surfer...nothing more. It may have just been something unique to his machine...I don't know.

    Give it a spin in the grass and see what happens.
  6. Bill Davis

    Bill Davis LawnSite Senior Member
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    I may have been wrong about the size of the motor on the surfer but i am pretty sure that it was this years model because i dont think they would want me to demo something i demoed last year. I really would like to get it out in the grass and see what it could do though. The reason it may have seemed so slow was because i was standing up, but at any rate the chariot that they had sitting next to it that i was also demoing did seem considerable faster. Every one has there own apionions so go demo it yourself and see what you think. Thanks for all the advice yall and have a good one.
  7. Pacific Nursery

    Pacific Nursery LawnSite Member
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    We run a couple of Surfers (17h 52" & 23h 61")Both work real well for us. Good quality of cut (striping could be better) fast, faster than my toro Z. Definitly more manurverable. I'm 6'2" and have no probs with pad or controls.
    These machines have the safety features that kill the blades when operator jumps off, etc.
    I had few probs last year with either one and they were both used (and abused) daily.
    By the way they'll CLIMB hills like a goat. Side to side and downhill they're like any other.
  8. jc1

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    A possible reason it may have been slow. They have an adjustable bar that limits forward movement of the controls for forward direction.
  9. summitgroundskeeping

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    Hey Bill, put the bottle down, op, putit down, thats it, down.

    Super Sufers are very fast, faster than any w/b out there I believe (8.5mph). They cut extrememly well. Tons of power, best mobility of any mower around except for the Sentear, and u can load a ton of them on a trailer. I'm 6'3" too and find the Super Sufer to be more comfortable than anything else.
    Demo before you do anything though, your personal opinion may vary mine.
  10. Summit is that "ton" the the same as 4 on a 16' trailer. I can fit 4-48" no matter what kind of WB. No more than 4 will fit.

    One thing a WB has on a stander LOWER clearance.

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