Green Ash EAB treatment

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    We have been using Zylam systemic this year as a soil drench application. This is a preventative application at the higher rate. .75 oz per inch at breast height. I will probably rotate to Imidicloride (sp) next year. We have had them all around the counties in our greater metropolitan area. From what I have found if the tree is 50% or greater affected cut it down. Purdue's website has been most help-ful!
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    Imidicloprid is fairly stable in the jug. So yes, you can use it next year. Be sure to use it at the maximum rate. Larger trees need more. Uptake is slower. Read the Michigan recommendations from, Dr Dave Smitley.

    I found that it was quick and easy. I filled my hand sprayer with a concentrated solution, calibrated to deliver an ounce in about five seconds. Make little holes with a soil probe and add required amount. Put the holes about 6 inches apart, around the circumference of the tree, about 6 inches from the trunk.
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    Great idea, I was just drenching the ground around the trees with the proper amount of H2O

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