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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by mrkosar, Feb 16, 2006.

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    i have a customer that has a compacted clay soil that is a light greenish/blue tint. it is in a new development with not the best soil. i am just starting this yard this year. any suggestions or ideas on what it needs or why it is that color?

    also, he has i lot of bentgrass mixed into his front yard. if you kill that off with round up and plant tall fescue will the bentgrass stay away?...not much experience reseeding.
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    It sounds like your soils is anaerobic. Take a handful and give it a sniff. If it smells rotten or unsoils like (good soil smells sweet) you need to get life back into the soil and move some water through the profile.
    Try adding some compost to help loosen the soil and add organic matter to help relieve compaction weightlifter . Also, try Gypsum. This will help flush the soil and help break some bonding in the soil.
    I would recommend using organic ferts. to get the microbes in the soil moving
    I hope this helps
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    living, I didn't even think of that, but that could be true with the compaction from building, I am in FL so the soil is sandy. A soil test may be in order also.
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    What about a good rototill? Sounds like the builder either sold the topsoil, or the area just doesn't have good soil to begin with.. Rototilling compost and fresh top soil I think would do wonders. As far as the bentgrass. From my own experience I had to "Round-up," the areas 2-3 times before I reseeded. Even then I"m skeptical the noxious grass will come back. Its very difficult to get rid of. I've heard of covering the area with a black fabric and letting the area suffocate and bake. Defenatly use TTTF and incorporate a compost tea spraying program. The TTTF because its a cool season grass might not fit your area if your southern. The healthier the ground the stronger the roots will become overpowering weaker broadleaf plants and grassy weeds.
  5. test the soil, make necessary changes to soil chemistry, and now is the time to incorporate some decomposed organic matter.

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