Green Bug, larval state infestation

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mgardner, Sep 2, 2003.

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    My question is; will turf recover from a green bug infestation. Two treatments using Tempo SC finnally killed them. Extention service had no clue what I was even talking about. They were green bug in larval stage (no wings, no stripes) pinhead sized, with up to 30 on each blade of grass. They leave an acidic substance on the leaf which gives the orange color. Anyone else dealt with this pest ?

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    Dependent upon root damage, condition - the turf should recover. If not, simply reseed. With regards to the green bug, is that the local name of an insect or your name for it?
    There are several instars of beetles that have the characteristics you mentioned, that will inhabit leaf tissue.
    Please provide more info on turf type, date infestation first noticed, growing conditions and a photo - if possible - of the leaf tissue damage.
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    We don't have green bug here. Have seen pictures, amazing how many can fit on a blade of grass.
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    Here is a link for further information on the green bug.
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    You are one heck of a researcher Gopher. You should be titled the "Search Master". ;)
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    Yup Gopher is GREAT!!
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    What Glan Said!


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    Thank you for all the info ! Illinois Pesticide Applicator Manual ( Turfgrass category) Gave almost exactly the decription above stated. Hoping the turf will recover. Another good reason to be licenced for commercial apps.
  9. Mgardner

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    The date I noticed the turf was probrably 7/15/03, the date I diagnosed the pest would have been 7/27/03. I was brushing up on my Il. licence for "Commercial Applicators" when it clicked that on one of my accounts the infestation had began on an eastern and northerly portion of the turf under the tree. IL study manual went on to say shaded areas on north side on a sign which had been a problem several weeks earlier. Bingo ! Couldn`t find out anymore about it . Also the study manual explained when "scouting" for the greenbug inspect very closely,the area where the turf was going from orange to green, and that would be the location of the green bug.And that was how we confirmed infestation of this tiny aphid.
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    Thanks all!

    If we each do a little every day, together we can do a lot!

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