Green Industry Classification System for Mowing/Maintenance: Second Edition

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    I have received numerous PM’s and e-mails urging me to create an updated and improved version of the definitive Green Industry Classification System for Mowing/Maintenanace. It was noted that the original included many regional aspects that unfairly penalized Green Industry workers in different markets. Suggestions for improvements by fellow Green Industry Workers from across the continent have been incorporated to embrace a wider range of markets.

    Answering “Yes” to the following adds 1 point to your total.

    Equipment: Section A:

    I own or operate

    1) Handheld Blower
    2) Curved Shaft Trimmer
    3) Any non-commercial handhelds
    4) Any electric powered handhelds or mower
    5) Walkbehind Vacs on turf (Billy Goat and their ilk)
    6) Non commercial 21” (Toro Recycler, Honda Harmony, Lawnboy Gold and their ilk)
    7) Troy-Bilt 33”
    8) Homeowner rated Zero-Turn
    9) Lawn Tractor
    10) Handheld leaf vacs (Echo shred’n’Vac & its ilk)
    11) Attachment series stick tools (Stihl Combi System and its ilk)
    12) Power Edger’s (unless this is strict necessity in your market)

    Equipment : Section B:

    13) My Dealer is Home Depot/Lowes/Costco/Wal-Mart
    14) I have made a significant equipment purchase at any of the above outlets.
    15) I have no back-up units
    16) I have rented a hedge trimmer or chain saw
    17) I work out of a truck bed or the back of a mini-van
    18) I haul a trailer with a mini-van or car
    19) My trailer is made of wood
    20) My trailer has no drop gate
    21) The lighting system on my trailer does not function
    22) My trailer is not plated

    “Yes” adds a point to your total.

    5-9 Riff Raff
    10-22 Scrub

    If your Total remains less than 5 you may continue, otherwise your classification stands and you may not proceed.

    Work Procedures Section:

    1) I enjoy chatting with elderly customers and doing them small chores.
    2) I will do almost anything a customer asks even if it's not green industry related.
    3) My garage is my shop
    4) I do not carry pre-wound bump heads
    5) I do not carry extra gas or gas/mix
    6) I or my employee (s) wear wife beaters and or cut-offs while working
    7) I or my employee(s) smoke on the jobsite
    8) I or my employee(s) relieve themselves on the jobsite
    9) I or my employee(s) eat lunch sitting on a customer’s front lawn
    10) My wife/girlfriend is my secretary or works with me in the field
    11) My friends or relatives help out when things get busy
    12) I am part time (Add 2 Points)
    13) I sharpen blades a few times a season

    “Yes” adds a point to your total.

    6-9 Riff Raff
    10-15 Scrub

    If your Total remains less than 6 you may continue, otherwise your classification stands and you may not proceed.

    Business Procedures Section:

    1) I wait to get paid after each service visit.
    2) My business cards consist of my number hand written on a piece of scrap paper.
    3) I have collected money from under a door mat
    4) Billing is sent out in no specific time frame
    5) Billing is hand written
    6) I do not carry liability, equipment, and commercial vehicle insurance
    7) I pay my employee(s) cash
    8) My personal bank account and or phone # is same as business'
    9) I declare less than 70% of earnings
    10) My employee (s) are illegals
    11) My employee (s) are not paid and covered as per my States laws
    12) I call myself a landscaper when my primary focus is maintenance

    “Yes” adds a point to your total

    1-4 Member of Green Industry Elite
    5-8 High Class Scrub
    8-12 Riff Raff
  2. stumper1620

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    I scored a 3 and a half ( half because my home phone is listed as a secondary back up) I figure i could go half a point on that. :blob3: :blob3: :D

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Do I add just 1 point for all the Troy-Built 33"s or 1 for each member of the fleet that is pulled on wooden trailers behind my mini vans,(with windows). :p

    3 different calculators and I still get 87!
  4. KINGjosh

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    I think Fareway And Jack D. might be the same person.

    I scored a 6.
  5. paponte

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    I don't like 11 & 12 in section A, and number 10 in work procedures. We have several split boom head units with tons of attachments. One of them being a stick edger. Also about my wife being my secretary, I don't see much wrong with that. I mean she is legally listed as "secretary" on the corporate papers. ;)
  6. lawnman_scott

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    I think its been a long cold winter.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Dito, Kombi for trimming is great and have 2 heads and many tools.
    My wife works as a VP of finance, has a MBA, is a CPA. She is the president of our company,and does all the books before they go to the accountant.
    She would just laugh at fareways idea of professional but he can always work as a comic. Come to think about it I have not seen Bobby on for a while so this will have to do as comic relief.
  8. DLS1

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    Hey Jack D. you gave away your identity when you cut and pasted this post from another lawn site where you made the exact same post.

    Oh well several already knew about you various alias names. :D :D
  9. Lawnchoice

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    IMO this is a waste of space.

    Everyone sets up their business differently and there is no way to judge if you are a " scrub " or not.

    Ridiculous - - -
  10. gogetter

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    Casey, you left one out that would surely make someone a scrub if they answered YES to:

    1. I have gotten my mower stuck at the bottom of steps and couldn't figure out how to get it back up.

    By the way Casey, how DID you get it back up?

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