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Green Industry Magazine

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by AOLP, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. AOLP

    AOLP Inactive
    Messages: 158

    Wanted to thank all the AOLP members who participated in this months Irrigation and Green Industry cover article "Painting with light". Had no idea there were going to be so many members interviewed. Thankful that the publication would reach out to our membership for their expert advice. With every passing week and month our membership grows stronger. Thank you Cruz Perez, Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting..Micheal Gotowala, Preferred Properties Landscape..James Helms, FX Luminaire...Andy Thomas, Viewpoint Lighting and chairman of the CLVLT committee..Chris Mitchell, NiteLiters Inc...Many thanks to Stacy Henninger, communications director for AOLP as well as the rest of the staff that keeps this growing group of lighting guys and gals strong. If you're not a member, take a look at us. Questions? Give a call. The AOLP is an exceptional tool in building a foundation and growing your outdoor lighting business as well as life long freindships with those that share your passion.
  2. AOLP

    AOLP Inactive
    Messages: 158

    will let those who don't receive magazine when it is on their website
  3. starry night

    starry night LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,043

    All in all, it was an excellent article and a positive for the industry.

    I'm not sure about the validity of one quote, however.

    "But once you have the basics down, all you really need to do is take a few design courses and you'll be an artist in no time."

    The article was one of the better surveys of the landscape lighting industry that I have read due to excellent input from several of our folks.
  4. AOLP

    AOLP Inactive
    Messages: 158

    I think the point of that quote was to encourage those who are thinking of entering or are just beginning in the outdoor lighting field. There are basice that need to be learned in lighting design. Once you have an understanding of those the levels of design that one can aspire to are are only limited by imagination/creativity.....some physics, electrical engineering and gravity :). I have seen it over the years develop in our orginazation as well as other places such as this very chat room.
  5. AOLP

    AOLP Inactive
    Messages: 158

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