Green Industry Mowing Contractor Official Classification Test

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fareway Lawncare, Jul 19, 2005.

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    A new updatated version of the Green Industry Mowing Contractors Classification Test or GIMCCT is now available.

    Answering “Yes” to the following adds 1 point to your total.

    Equipment: Section A:

    I own or operate

    1) Handheld Blower
    2) Curved Shaft Trimmer
    3) Any non-commercial handhelds
    4) Any electric powered handhelds or mower
    5) Walkbehind Vacs on turf (Billy Goat and their ilk)
    6) Non commercial 21” (Toro Recycler, Honda Harmony, Lawnboy Gold and their ilk)
    7) Troy-Bilt 33”
    8) Homeowner rated Zero-Turn
    9) Lawn Tractor
    10) Handheld leaf vacs (Echo shred’n’Vac & its ilk)
    11) Attachment series stick tools (Stihl Combi System and its ilk)
    12) Power Edger’s (unless this is strict necessity in your market)

    Equipment : Section B:

    13) I believe double sided hedge clippers are better than single sided because they have two sides.
    14) I sharpen blades with a bench grinder or angle grinder or hand file. I have no dedicated blade sharpener.
    15) My Dealer is Home Depot/Lowes/Costco/Wal-Mart
    16) I have made a significant equipment purchase at any of the above outlets.
    17) I have no back-up units
    18) I have rented a hedge trimmer or chain saw
    19) I work out of a truck bed or the back of a mini-van
    20) I haul a trailer with a mini-van or car
    21) My trailer is made of wood
    22) My trailer has no drop gate
    23) The lighting system on my trailer does not function
    24) My trailer is not plated

    “Yes” adds a point to your total.

    5-9 Riff Raff
    10-22 Scrub

    If your Total remains less than 5 you may continue, otherwise your classification stands and you may not proceed. If able to proceed please add totals from previous sections.

    Work Procedures Section:

    1) I enjoy chatting with elderly customers and doing them small chores.
    2) I will do almost anything a customer asks even if it's not green industry related.
    3) My garage is my shop
    4) I do not carry pre-wound bump heads
    5) I do not carry extra gas or gas/mix
    6) I or my employee (s) wear wife beaters and or cut-offs while working
    7) I or my employee(s) smoke on the jobsite
    8) I or my employee(s) relieve themselves on the jobsite
    9) I or my employee(s) eat lunch sitting on a customer’s front lawn
    10) My wife/girlfriend is my secretary or works with me in the field
    11) My friends or relatives help out when things get busy
    12) I am part time (Add 2 Points)
    13) I sharpen blades a few times a season

    “Yes” adds a point to your total.

    6-9 Riff Raff
    10-15 Scrub

    If your Total remains less than 6 you may continue, otherwise your classification stands and you may not proceed.

    Business Procedures Section:

    1) I wait to get paid after each service visit.
    2) My business cards consist of my number hand written on a piece of scrap paper.
    3) I have collected money from under a door mat
    4) Billing is sent out in no specific time frame
    5) Billing is hand written
    6) I do not carry liability, equipment, and commercial vehicle insurance
    7) I pay my employee(s) cash
    8) My personal bank account and or phone # is same as business'
    9) I declare less than 70% of earnings
    10) My employee (s) are primarily illegals or relatives or friends
    11) My employee (s) are not paid and covered as per my States laws
    12) I call myself a landscaper when my primary focus is maintenance

    “Yes” adds a point to your total

    1-4 Member of Green Industry Elite
    5-8 High Class Scrub
    8-12 Riff Raff
  2. splatz100

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    I scored a total of 49 :rolleyes:

    do you need any more attention, why does this matter???
  3. ALBsun1

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    why do you need pre wound bump heads? why not just carry some extra string in your pocket and wind it when you run out? it takes all of about 1 minute to do.
  4. wmsland

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    from NE OHIO
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    Why don't you add a new category called "computer skills"
    1. I keep posting the same old stupid scrub test on Lawn Site.

    Give it a rest.
  5. LHSlawnman86

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    from ohio
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    why does it matter if you use a handheld blower? it does the same job on driveways or walkways except on leaves. why does it matter if you have a tail gate, ramps or a long tilt bed do fine. also the large majority of people do house their equipment in the garage. i would would venture to say that the majority of people dont have a dedicated blade sharpener.

    this thread is pointless
  6. ProLawns

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    I scored 9. I don't see any benefit in doing those 9 items any differently.
  7. J&R

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    Just one question If you name is FarewayLawncare you might be a S---- never he knows it.
  8. hole in one lco

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    well i scored 1 can i charge 60. hr now im at 45.0 :p
  9. bobbygedd

    bobbygedd LawnSite Fanatic
    from NJ
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    on the entire test i scored 5. what did you score fareway?
  10. meathead1134

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    WOW another wonderful thread. I'm learning more and more everyday from people like this. :sleeping: :sleeping:

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