Green Lawn Die


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N.E. Arkansas
Anyone spray the green lawn die to make the lawn green during the winter? I've had a request from a customer to spray it and I have a few questions.

1. Does it work and look good?
2. Is it better to spray with a skid sprayer with large droplets or something with a finer mist?
3. Is it easy to clean up or will it ruin my equipment?

I'm going to spray my own back yard first with it, but if it is going to mess up my equipment, someone please warn me.


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Winston-Salem NC
I think that dye's look fake. It look's ok if you go by fast. But if you look close then it's obvious dye was used. The stuff i have used lasted a month, rain and sunshine break the dye down. I don't think you will mess up your equipment but you will have green dye on thing's you didn't plan on.