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Green Lawns of america

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by drpepperinacan, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. drpepperinacan

    drpepperinacan LawnSite Member
    Messages: 24

    I started this buisness when I was about twelve years old with one push mower mowing my neighbors yard for 10 bucks per cut. for a few years I just kind of mowed enough to have some spending money. however, about two years ago my stepdad gave me a riding mower and I started mowing more. I had about four yards by the end of that first summer, the next year I had about ten yards and I just drove the riding mower around the neighborhood with a little cart I towed behind to carry a push mower,gas cans, and a weedeater. After two years of riding around the neighborhood and mowing many yards my first riding mower finally gave out and I scraped the enire mower except for the engine which still ran good. I convinced my dad that winter to help me buy a brand new riding mower and the next spring I had a toro lx 460 with a 20hp kohler engine on it and a 46inch deck on it. with the new mower I was able to mow more yards but I had to pay my dad back for it over the summer. so, with my new mower I was able to mow more yards ( i also bought a new weedwacker that year), by the end of the summer I had 16 yards, my buisness was slowy growing...... The next year I had gotten my drivers license but I still didn't have a truck, however my brother gave me his suzuki samuri when he went in the army which helped me out a lot because now I could get where I needed to go without begging someone else for a ride when I need to go buy parts or mow a yard that was to far away to drive the riding mower too! however I could only take to pushmowers loaded in the back of the samuri because it really didn't have enough towing compacity to pull a trailer . never the less I had 32 yards total by the end of the summer, however it was over this summer of 2008 that I noticed the engine started leaking alot of oil in june and by august it was streaming from the seals on the top of the motor and I took it to the shop the next spring when it started making an awful banging noise and had it fixed while it was still under warranty but the fix didn't last long and I had to replace the engine with the old briggsandstratton opposed twin cylinder engine that came off of the first riding mower which still worked pretty good and didn't hardly smoke at all and it didn't have any problems. I would not reccomend the kohler 20hp single cylinder for commercial use because the one I had as I just said in the above paragraph didn't last that long and fell apart within the first year. anyhow I used the toro riding mower with the old twin cylinder for the rest of the summer and had no problems out of it. in august of 2008 I bought my trailer for $750,then in febuary of 2009 I once again convinced my dad to help me by helping me buy a 1/2 1986 f150 with a 351 High output windsor with 4x4 and a c6 transmisson and 97,000 miles on. I had to pay him for by may but someone stole a $450 puppy from me and I losts twelve customers this spring because of the reccession. so with 20 customers I had to pay my dad $400 a month during the summer and $200 a month during the winter. on top of that I had the buisness licensed and insured this year which between the insurance, truck repairs, and the storage shed the city required me to have since I didn't have access to commercial property(the city told the equipment had to be stored on commercail property) I was broke most of the time I actually ran completely out of money a few times. However I lowered my insurance costs by switching to another company and I was able to gain more customers since I was able to travel as far as I wanted so it all worked out in the end. next year I will be able to actually make a profit because of my increased revenue and cost cutting . I am also currently working on picking up some more residentail and commercial contracts which weren't in my intiatial financial forcasts for next year so things should hopefully work out pretty well for me next year. I saw an ad on craiglist.com last week where someone was selling a 48inch exmark walkbehind for $1200 or a trade for a riding mower 48inches or bigger in cutting width. even though my riding mower was a 46inch I decided to call the guy and see if he would go for it and he did! we went and look at the mower and took my mower with us so he could look at and we made and even trade no cash! the was only a few things wrong with the exmark we traded my riding mower for which were the positive cable on the battery was disconnected and the mower in gears 1-4 will kind of buck or go and stop,make some clicking noises and then buck and start moving again. However it works fine in fifth gear. the one thing I don't like about it is that you have release the handles to make it go and pull them in to make it stop. otherwise it has new carburator,new starter, and new blades. I am still learning how to drive it because It is alot different to drive compared to a riding mower
  2. mowerdude777

    mowerdude777 LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,735

    Good for you, sorry to hear about your puppy getting stolen, that had to really suck
  3. drpepperinacan

    drpepperinacan LawnSite Member
    Messages: 24

    the puppy getting stolen really did suck since I was relying on it to help pay my truck off. the lady said that she would pay me an extra $50 if I would allow her to make payments on it and take the puppy home right away, I allowed her to do this because someone we knew really well told us she knew and she was trustworthy. turns out that our family friend was lying to us and didn't really know her at all and the other lady evidently had planned to steel the puppy from the very beginning and there was nothing I could do about it because the police told me they couldn't help me because I had willingly let her take the puppy off of our property , I couldn't take her to court because she had moved away from the address she had given me and apparently you can't take someone to court without their address in the state of virginia.

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