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Prime Seasons

LawnSite Member
Whitehall, MI
I Just Wondered if anybody out there has seen maybe a competitor or whatever with a really catchy name for their business. I figured prime seasons indicated a business with purpose 4 seasons out of the year. Make sense to you or is it kinda goofy?


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
Your choice and explanation sound good. Check out the phone directory for some different areas and you will find a bunch of names. <br>I notice you are an engineer also - did ya go to da Tech?

GrassRoots Lawn Care

One here in town called &quot;Lawn Enforcement&quot; Ours is GrassRoots Lawn Care (we live in a small town). I originally wanted to name our business &quot;Grass Holes&quot; but was persuaded otherwise... back then I was under the influence of some other type of grass.<p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>GrassRoots Lawn Care, Florida


LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
Two in my area that stick in the mind, Greenscapes (and Greencycle, the landfill) and StoneHEDGE (always thought that was catchy.<p>Bill


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Florida
Hey Grass Roots,thats to funny. A couple I've seen around here are Bladerunner. and GroundEffects.<p>----------<br>Bobby <br>Ft Lauderdale


LawnSite Platinum Member
Central Florida
If you were in the sodding business....you could call it &lt;font color= red Marquis De Sod &lt;/font&gt; :)<p><p><p><font size="1">Edited by: Keith


I seen &quot;I Kan Mo Lawn Service&quot; yesterday.. I thought that was cool.. I live right on Kansas Missouri State line so its fitting.


LawnSite Gold Member
Mine is 4-Seasons Lawn Care, kinda means we do it all year, takes the guess work out of the customers mind and makes it easier to sell year rounders!<p>Homer