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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by bluesprucelawncare, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. bluesprucelawncare

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    i wanted to know what ppl us for computer software. i use quickbooks and its a great software its just not the best system if i wait to bill at the end of the month i have to click click click to get the items and show the dates and every thing, if i add the service on a weekly basis its still a just as much work and the due dates are from the date you started the invoice. i really want to purchase something like clip or another green ind. software but there so expensive. real green i could do online payments and other interesting things like store phone calls with customers and clip is the most mobile friendly i think. i do have a laptop and a desktop so i could be mobile. any way looking for what you guys do that works well covers your butt and makes your life alittle easier. thanks i only need it to be one user for now.
  2. TMlawncare

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    If you want specialized software, Realgreen is the best on the market. It is extremely expensive, however. For mobile applications Clip and Qxpress are very good and are both industry specific.
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    Groundskeeper Pro (Ver 6.3.1) on a laptop with a mobile broadband card and bluetooth HP Deskjet 460 Mobile printer. Works well for me. Gaining the ability to swipe Credit Cards in the truck starting this season.

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