Green space may create more income,and less lowballers.Maybe

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    Here in Georgia as well as other states,maybe .....Saving green space the perserve the integrity of our state.Georgia has offered all cities that fit a certain cryteria(Columbus is one of them)setting aside natural space that can be altered very very little "protected land" ie large parks. i beleive it's about 20% of total land in a city some where around $250,000. to $560,000. in our cities case anyway in one of the councial meetings this was brought up, we already have site or sites planned out.ok .our new subdivions in town when they go up the land is striped of trees and we lose a lot of them the reason is because to speed up construction...We'll thats about to change ...its good i think....with no mature trees in these places the need for winter service in low after all we have very mild winters.......more bizz...year after that came up the subject of landfill was brought to their atnn. by someone anyway our city picks up yard waste once a week and will pick up trees after a strom.grass and leaves clipping every week but not if you getting paid for it.but not for us if we cut it a get paid we haul it off... no problem . but who's going to whatch out for that ? this is a big town and a lot of ligit and non ligit lsc here very hard to keep up with so here is what their going to do. too save landfill space at the organic one the city will no longer pick up grass clippings or leaves any thing in a bag.. large bush cuttings if you call and trees only from storms ...all homes are to create compost pile in their yards and maintain them ....i see nothing wrong with this in fact
    1.definilty can charge for bagging and hauling ( this is a cut throat town and hard up until now to charge extra for)folks don't like mulching here in most cases this will help on time, pay to bag or mulch it...
    2.really small companies Ie: week end folks part timers,and the low ballers are about to be made to get with the program.some may just give it up tips fees for a small ammout of material is like a big hit to them.
    3.Money maker.. if they don't want to pay for hauling off grass or leaves and still want it bagged they must compost... and for a fee I can maitain it for them.
    i think this is one time city ordanaces may make some Cents$$ more trees ,more bizz, more money, and posiabily less lowballers that are here. what Do you think? is your town doing somthing? what else can be sugested in our cities to fix small problems that help us ..sound off....
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    Bushmaster, our local Town council decided to let some of the parkland revert back to it's natural state. What that means is that they don't cut all the grass at the parks, they just drive around all obstacles. They cut "trails" through the long grass so that people can walk along and see wildlife closeup. When people started to complain about how the park looked like no one was looking after it they installed signs all over saying " Naturalized area" Now the neighbours are complaining about the skunk and raccoon damage now. It's hard to please everyone.
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    Landfilling pure organic matter? A compost pile behind every garage? Who will really tend to it properly? Georgia needs to look around at what other states and municipalities are doing.

    In early 90s Indiana passed legislation forcing reduction of landfill useage. In most areas landfilling vegetative debris is banned. Counties were designated to organize reduction, and most counties now have a seperate waste management office. Our county just 2 yrs ago established a complete recycling program for entire county. Nearby municipalities run composting operations. On trash day, two trucks come around, one for garbage and one for vegetative waste. (Recyclable solids are another pickup.) For cost of $.30 a month on our water bill, our city also picks up leaves fall and spring. They use the trailered vacuums.

    All vegetative waste is composted at Organic Resource Facility, and this fall's leaves will be processed by next August. Pure woody matter is segregated and ground finely for use as mulch. There is just a $4.00 per yard loading charge for anyone to pick up compost or mulch, and small quantities can be hand loaded yourself for no charge. There are also some sales to commercial compost and soil producers. The finished products are so popular, they usually run out by July and have to wait until fresh supply is cooked. Contractors can dump at ORF for less than $4.00/yard.

    Of course the operation is not cheap: 1 tub grinder, 3 loaders, 2 trommel separators and a windrow turner. But the operation is so successful, WM and BFI are drooling over it. Glad the city is hanging on to it.
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