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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by plow kid, Jun 1, 2001.

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    This spring I decided I could increase productivity by buying a new mower so I bought a used Deere 725 front mower from my local deere dealer, 1996 model with 350 hours (meter broken)and a 48" deck and 20 hp kawasaki all for a cherry price of $3150.00. It is a nice mower I will admit that but this week all hell broke loose! 3 tires went flat($100):( the gearbox went to hell($411.31):angry: shreading the splines on the inside of the gears, broke a spindle when I hit a stump($135.85):mad: so to hell with this green turd, next year I am getting a dixie chopper!
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    a tough lesson to learn about buying used machinces. NEVER BUY USED. they don't come with a warrenty, you don't know how good they were taking care of, and people could lie to sell it. sorry about your troubles with it.
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    Now your thinking like a real lawn guy!

    Buy the Chopper, you won't have all those problems.

    I can't say anything about hitting stumps though, everything has it's limit.
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    Was the previous owner a little olde lady from Pasadna who only mowed with it one hour a weak? First clue BROKEN HOUR METER AT 350! Even when you know what to look for when buying used equipment, you can still get burned. When buying used equipment you also need to calculate in a few major repairs depend on the actual hours of the machine.
    A bit of wisdom on used equipment.
    One rule of thumb for buying items at auction my dad taught me. Never pay more than 1/2 of what it sells for new, unless you personally know the seller and it life's history. Even then it can still be a risk!

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