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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by scruff33, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Any grass during the middle of summer (cool season types) needs massive amounts of water when summer hits to stay growing.

    In my area we had 2 months of non stop rain and then nothing the past few weeks.Guess what,those who aren't watering have brown lawns now even after all that rain in the late spring.

    The lawn needs consistent water,and with summer temps a stray t storm here or there does not cut it. What would happen if you drank a lot of water for a couple months and then didn't get hardly any for a few weeks? You would die too just like the lawn.

    If you look at Cinci's precip totals from June 26th on you have only received about .75 inches of rain.....a drop in the bucket and the equivalent of a 10 minute thunderstorm over 22 days.No lawn will survive that without watering.

    Either way to think you can wave a magic wand and green it up in a few days is just not possible no matter what you do or what product you use.
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    Sounds like that 1" per week rule I've been adhering to is a bit too low for the summer months.

    Two things. My grass discoloration started well before June 26th. I'm thinking the lawn fungus that developed didn't help things either. Secondly, I'm not sure where you got that .75 inches of rain number, but I can assure you we had well over .75 inches of rain in my backyard on July 4th alone. I know Accuweather said we had around .2 inches that day... they're smoking crack. However since then it's rained for a grand total of one hour.

    I'm a novice at this and that's why I asked. I had seen (even on this message board) that it is possible. Didn't sound right to me but thought it was worth a shot... thanks for telling it like it is! Thumbs Up
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    Yeah 1 inch per week is on the low side IDEALLY in summer you need about 3 inches.Its just so hot a lot of that water just burns right off and with a typical t storm you are getting a lot of run off its coming down so fast as well.

    I got those numbers from accuweather here....

    The last good rain it showed was on June 25th and then basically nothing of any significance after that.A quarter inch in summertime is nothing and their were only 2 days of that.

    Also raise the mower up to 3 inches(one notch below the highest on most push mowers),most people cut it WAY too short and when the heat hits it's a death sentence for grass and you are just asking for trouble with weeds and disease issues along with the lawn struggling.

    If you have fescue it should never be lower than 2.5 inches regardless of the time of year.Might want to look into a more heat tolerant turf type tall fescue in the fall that will hold up better in the rough times of the year.

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