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    Been doing this for 5 years now. Started out as Simpson's Pest Control & Lawn Maintenance, just a side job using what I learned in the Air Force. I was the Pest Management Supervisor for the Indiana Air National Guard for 6 years. Currently I work solo, fully legit, but just bought equipment for the landscaping side and will need to hire some help. I'm actually dreading that but want my business to grow so have no choice. Just got my lettering put on my truck and trailer so all I need now is a few employees.



    I am hoping to get out of the residential mowing and focus more on the landscaping side of things and commercial contracts. My 5 year business plan was to have a nursery up and running that my wife was going to run, but with the Economy the way it is that didn't happen. Maybe in the 10 year plan. :)

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    Welcome to Lawnsite and good luck!

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