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  1. Joatmon

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    I went by the local Exmark dealer the other day to window shop. There was a fellow there that was replacing a Craftsman mower he burnt up last year doing PT commercial work. We got to talking, he stated that he wanted to leave his job & go full time LC... long story short, we walked around the corner where I saw the owner loading the guy's 2 new Exmarks (23 HP 52" I believe)on his brand new trailer behind his brand new, what dreams are made of!!!
  2. Esby

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    Too much overhead for my blood. I mean starting out??!?!
  3. Randy Scott

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    The skies the limit I guess!
  4. Runner

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    long story short, we walked around the corner where I saw the owner loading the guy's 2 new Exmarks (23 HP 52" I believe)on his brand new trailer behind his brand new, what dreams are made of!!! [/B][/QUOTE]

    Long story short, With his brand new $1000 a month payments out of his brand new payment book. The actual dream is to be able to do it successfully. That means affording everything AND being able to live. I hope this guy comes up with alot of work to make up the difference of mowing with a Craftsman to mowing with 2 mowers of this caliber. The first temptation he'll have is to take on a whole bunch of work at ridiculously low prices, thinking "it's o.k., I can knock it right out." Well, indeed you can, but the expenses are still there. Exmarks run faster, but not cheaper in operation. Keep your chin up, Joatman. I once envyed this guy when he was wheeling a Gravely Promaster 300 out of the store wishing there was a way, and knowing it was so far off. Now, I've surpassed that (still have the Gravely) and have other mowers FAR superior to that. Hold on, and you'll get your day if you want it bad enough. :)

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  5. MOW ED

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    Do you know where he lives?

    Not to steal them but to put an offer to him around early September before the bank repo's the stuff. Its nice to be ambitious, either hes independently wealthy or misguided.

    Either way, he probably doesn't know about LAWNSITE!!
  6. steveair

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    I hate these people too. One thing, I know people like this, and sometimes (maybe not this case) they have a load of money saved up and whether or not they make any for the next 5 years doesn't matter because they can afford to lose or 'break even'.

    Now a few 'landscape boomers' who start/ started off this way. Have a load of money, and go out and buy everything new.

    One thing, with the way the market still is, he may have a chance. These days, if you have the equipment, you can find the work. Also, like I said before, he may have enough saved up (ie. already paid off all the equipment and payments) so, even if he just breaks even, he could be in business for the next 5 years undercutting everyone elses prices and still living comfortably.


  7. npalomba

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    There is a lot of people out there that do this to just lose money and write off their business costs and equipement; If you are good at what you do, don't worry customers are smart enough to know good price -vs- good service and quality work.
  8. awm

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    A pool and his money are soon farted
    or sompin like that
  9. dmk395

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    Drive by this guys house in August, you may see his equiptment for sale. I just think its nuts to start up with a huge overhead.
  10. Scape Sculptor

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    Man...., how come it is always the ones that put the least effort in to it that always shine like a rose or always on top??? I have always put more into what I do and have always worked harder than most and still am not where I want to be or feel like I am struggling. I guess I need to learn to do with less pride and have more patience.

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