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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BFuller, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Does anyone in this forum have any experience with greenhouse gas emissions with mower, trimmers, etc?

    I'm bidding a contract for a high-end commercial site that prides themselves on their low environmental footprint and in one section of the bid documents they want us to state our GHG ratings of our equipment and trucks.

    None of my manuals for our turf equipment shows this information so I'm not sure what to do.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it. I've never been asked this before, by a customer, but it's probably a sign of the times. I figure it couldn't hurt to have this information anyway. I'm wondering if I'll need to have all of the equipment tested individually or what?

    Anyway, I just thought I'd throw it out to the forum and see what comes back.

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    Are they shooting for LEED?

    I have not read the LEED score card for some time but that sounds like some of the pie in the sky stuff they have. I have never seen this on a truck much less a mower.

    I know there are some electric trimmers and mowers these days. Put is a solar panel on the truck and a small quite generator too :D
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    The only thing you can do is email the mfg. and keep/print their reply, to include in the pkg.
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    Yeah I tell them you're busy visiting your brother in prison this weekend because he was messing with the copper still when the law come around and things got way behind but once you git thar yeast to brewing and the corn'a popping we'll see what you can do to shoot them over that thear info.

    Seriously I mean F that S, folks realize all small engines, when it comes to emissions, it's all the same thing?
    Who they think they kidding, that some kind of a noob test, maybe they testing you?

    They don't have no dang catalytic on them.
    There's no emissions control on a small engine.
    It's all the same, fuel and air in one end, exhaust and emissions out the other.

    So iffen they ain't 20 years old and burning oil due to bad rings or improper oil mix it's an very simple formula of x tons / year x 100 cc @ 100 psi compression, pretty much.

    Now I gotta get back to the shine, thank'y'all and see ya 2013
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    So ... switch to electric trimmers. They will love and and you will get the bid. Put solar pannels on the south side of your trailer to recharge the batts. (Mostly for show) as you will probably need to charge the many batts and spares in the usual way, every night. And if you can use a propane powered clean burning mower or two--so much the better

    Otherwise, of course, four cycle trimmers burn a lot cleaner than smoky two cycle.
    Otherwise, its mostly a function of the gas you use. A gallon of gas produces a certain amount of carbon dioxide...the less gas you use the better. Diesel slightly more efficient.
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    I'm thinking you need to leave the shine alone. Emissions are on literally everything now. Including trimmers. Shindaiwa was putting cats on their trimmers years ago. And here's a mind bender for you.. Some mowers even have computer controlled fuel injection now. Yes way!

    Stihl and Shindaiwa's 4 stroke small handhelds are smoking (pun intended) everybody else in the emissions department. They're ready for standards that aren't even written yet.

    To the OP, the data you seek on GHG is available here:,d.b2I
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