Greenhouse on top of house, what kind of pump?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Lindgren, Feb 2, 2013.

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    In case IM not being clear. if the temperature of the pump, lines, liquid, tubes, etc where to remain around 32 degrees which can be achieved by heated lines and resevoir, what pump is recommended to suck it up and push it vetically up to a roof top?? My scenario is real, and I want to know the work arounds. If your going to reply with "it wont work" then dont reply. I would like solutions and opinions... thanks
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    How much heat do you intend to supply, and have you figured its cost into the operation?

    You might end up with a two-pump setup, because pumping 32-degree water into plantings is likely going to kill them. A holding tank in the greenhouse itself will allow water to warm up before it gets applied to plants.
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    Friday i dove a leak job in below 40 degree water. About 20 mins was 19:30 too long and i was wearing an extra heavy wetsuit.

    Plants don't do cold too well do they?
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    what he said

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