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    I have 40 years in the turf business. I have expertise in supervision, operations, composting, organics, tub grinding, irrigation, Certified organic- NOFA, landscaping operations and more. I have a small greenhouse and I am putting up a bigger one to use for selling . I will be retiried soon and will start this as a new venture. I am looking for someone, guy or gal who might be interested in trying selling fruit trees, ornamental grasses and many other items that can be split packed and shipped or also sold locally. The first year or so will be lean but I have had businesses before and the first fews years are slower. I have many good ideas for additions and would also like to hear other options as well. Also, hydroponics might be an option. If you are interested let me know, talk is cheap and doesn't cost you anything. Also, vegetables, flowers and other plants as well.

    thank you and I hope to hear.

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