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  1. cclllc

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    I'm thinking of starting my own home garden center and would like to discuss greenhouses-building and maintaining them.john
  2. Guido

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    cc111c, Start it off, I have a little experience in the area, and I'm pretty sure I have some greenhouse supply catalogs, etc and some other resources to tap. I'd be happy to discuss my views and ideas with you either here or in an e-mail. Its a good money maker if its in the right place, and it doubles as a good base station for a landscape/lawn care biz. It helps you keep work at work and home at home if you know what I mean. Nice place to meet clients to review job plans, etc. X mas tree sales in the winter, easter flowers, etc. The possibilities are endless. Its also great advertising if your running both because you can push your maintenance clients toward the products at your garden center and you can push your garden center customers toward your services.

    Now you got me dreaming again about starting back up when I get out of the service!! I hope we can talk about this some more!

  3. cclllc

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    Thanks David,
    I want to keep it simple.I plan on doing this at home.I went to a site called and got some ideas.I have my green house drawn out now but was wandering if it would be better to buy a kit.

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