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Greenish Algea on Maple Trees


LawnSite Member
Brick NJ
I have a question for all you tree experts. I live in Central NJ near the ocean. A customer asked me the other day about a few trees of hers. The maple trees seem to be losing some of there bark. I spread through out the trees there is a greenish/frosty color algea, mold? I am not to sure what it is. She is worried that the tree is dying and will fall on her house. It just got my curiousity and was wondering what it was. I told her she didn't have to worry. Was I right? Oh yea .....she was also curious about a growth on her tree. To best describe it...and I hope I don't offend anyone....is it looks like your lips on your face...like a side ways smile......or a woman's xxx.......you know. Just trying to describe it the best way I can think. Happy Holidays to All.:confused: :eek:


LawnSite Fanatic
zone 7 CA
If you take a pic of the tree and a bark close up
and post it here
,I can help you.Hard to do without seeing it though.Sometimes loosing bark is normal sometimes it is not,some types of mosses and funal growth are normal and some are not.

The Cowboy

LawnSite Senior Member
No doubt it was probably lichens. They like moist climates and north sides of trees. It also could be moss of some sort. IMO no big deal. Old bark often gets this.