Greenlee 521a repairs? Green employee....


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Are parts available or is there a repair facility? Called Greenlee, said call Tempo Communications and got voice mail. Now it's the weekend. He completely dismantled the receiver, knocking off the plastic tip..wtheck.....Earlier, asked an employee to take the screws out of the receiver wand to take the battery out for storing it. Much later asked about the battery. Puzzled look on his face??? He took the whole damn thing apart ripping the wire from the coil in the plastic tip, transducer?? destroying the tip. Was handed back the wand w/handle, minus anything else....livid at this point. He though it was scrap and was going to take it home.....21 yrs. old....has NO experience, made him reassemble the receiver minus the tip..transducer??..don't know what to do...dug the silicone out of the tip to see about reattaching the wire pulled out but that only made matters worse. The coils spiraled out from around the core. Has to be a replaceable part, can fix if I can get the part. What to do about this guy? Other than keep a keen eye on this guy in the future, ended up laughing about it. Sure wasn't going to cry. Thanks in advance for any information on the cheapest way out.


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So....does anyone have any knowledge of Greenlee/Tempo locator replacement parts or do they repair instead of replace the equipment they sell?


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For starters, never, never, ever let kids play with grown-up toys :hammerhead:

That said, the black thingamabob is an antenna coil and the leads are probably plug-in style connectors. Open the square cover and see if that is the case.

If this is true you can purchase the antenna coil (1748 hz I believe) and repair it yourself.

Best of luck to you.