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    What did your guy actually do?

    Sorry, to be blunt, $1,800 of whatever he got was probably the better end of the deal. If you're not aware, you received a $40 template, no real on-site SEO, and a lazy attempt at site functionality. For example, clicking on your pictures just sends a visitor to a new page of only the .jpg and no navigation or info, requiring us to use our browser to get us back to your actual site. Also, your domain redirects from a .org to a .biz address once I click thru the site's navigation.
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    Agree, unless there is something we are not seeing, the value isn't there...

    - 15 domain (their price)
    -168 hosting (their price)
    - 40 cost of theme
    1577 for labor...
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    A .org? Really?

    And this would be why I never barter. I have yet to seen a perfectly balanced barter arrangement.

    I'm more of a sales/marketing guy than a web guy, so here are my thoughts on the copy:
    - doesn't Men's Wearhouse do the whole 'you're gonna love the way you look, we guarantee it?"
    - I'm struggling w/ some of the white text over the grass photo
    - under "see our work" I click a photo, expecting something, and it just enlarges it and doesn't appear to give me a way to get back EXCEPT the browser's back button. That's not great. Just make them non-clickable. I really didn't need a bigger pic telling me about a sale on TP
    - speaking of the pics, re: the one of the home with the boxwood hedge - you're missing an opportunity. If I can click on that and it takes me to a page where you explain what you did, that's a good sales tool and (done right) good for SEO. As it stands, I'm left wondering: did you do the install? Do you mow this one? Did you just do the mulch? Don't make me guess what you did because I'll guess wrong and be frustrated when, at the sales consultation, I find that out.
    - I like your About page. Clearly if I call for an estimate I'm getting you, so I appreciate getting to know you on that page. Well done.
    - the other sales copy on your site is just meh. You're saying the same things every other company says. I mean, you're hitting all the right notes and saying all the things we expect, but I'm sure the consumer has an element of "but the last six guys all said they're creative, customer service focused, and have attention to detail." Know what I mean?
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    websites are expensive, it's crazy to hear what people are paying...luckily my gf is a website designer and the firm she used to work at charged insane amounts, like $125/hour...they do take some time to build, so you can rack up $1800 pretty easily...she said the average websites they did were about $3,000

    as for the website, it's not terrible, but also not me it looks like a low grade professional job, better than someone designing their own, but it lacks a lot...just my honest opinion
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    I chose org cause ofcourse .com was already taken. I believe it also can be found at .biz after it was redesigned. The first one I had up was preety bad with no SEO. This one has SEO and has already been getting me work. I am very happy with the webpage but can see some of your guys point. Thanks for all the replies.
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    Based on this response, I'm questioning whether you actually wanted feedback beyond, "Looks great, man! Way to go.". If that's the case, that's fine. It happens on here way more than people would probably like to acknowledge or admit.

    Against my better judgement, I'm going to point a couple of things out to you, as this should, hopefully, be a learning exercise for everyone here who wants to know more about building sites, or hiring them out.

    Based on your site using .biz, but you linked it to us here as .org, you really need to just pick one. You haven't properly configured your server to run two domain names and the search engines are not going to be a fan of that. Pick one and go with it. A .org for a business is a bit of a curveball to some. That same site redirecting me to a .biz address just seems a bit slimy. By "slimy", I mean it seems like something you'd see from sites that are not on the up and up. To be honest, I'm almost surprised it didn't throw a security warning. At it's most simple level, it's just going to be confusing if you don't. Even you said, "I believe it can also be found at .biz after it was redesigned.". You should know how to properly direct people to your site. As a heads up, the .biz is now the primary domain. The .org only exists in as much as it gets you to the site.

    No, it really doesn't. If your web guy is the one telling you this, I think it's fair to say that he's good at running a game on his clients. I guess, technically, there is SEO, it's just not in the realm of good or quality or even any attempt at effort. Maybe he means "it has an SEO plugin installed".

    For example:
    <title>Home | Greenview Landscape</title>
    That, technically, is an attempt at SEO, it's just not very useful. All of your pages are similar.

    <meta name="description" content=" ">
    You don't have any. As such, this is the first result for you on Google:

    Greenview Landscape | quality service at an affordble price;
    Adding Videos to the slider is dead easy! Suspendisse potenti. Sed vestibulum tristique augue ut tincidunt. Sed lacus lectus, egestas et facilisis sed, tristique id

    H1 tags
    You have none. There are uses of H2 and H3 tags, but they're things like, "Home", "Call us today", and "We're proud of our work".

    I'm not finding one.

    If you're wanting to have your site succeed for you, especially when trying to calculate an ROI using an amount of $1,800, I would highly recommend you have a serious, no BS conversation with your web guy.

    Questions or clarifications, just yell.
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    what do you reccomend I do to add more SEO to it tony? I am very fortunate nobody in my area is currently using a website so I dont have much to compete with. Thanks.
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    Read through the archives, paying special attention to site reviews, and you'll start to understand the typical needs that most sites have. Most of those have a couple of links to the Google and seoMOZ Beginner's Guides. Read those, familiarize yourself with your Wordpress SEO plugin, and apply what you've learned.

    Side note: SEOmoz is now just called Moz. The, often negative, connotation of SEO finally took it's toll.

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