Greeting from Bagdad KY

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Omran&Turbo, Dec 24, 2009.

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    Hello dear friends and I hope you all ar having a good and merry christmas eve.
    I would like to introduce myself to you all and hope to find a lot of good friends here.
    My name is Omran out of shelby county Ky :usflag: and I do finish grade and all kind of bobcat work, and I am also in Landscaping, trees, and snow removal.
    I started my business in 04 and it was doing great till the economy went down the sour, but I managed to keep my business alive,, it is slow and real bad for now, but am hoping of a better year in 2010.

    I am thinking of getting also in cutting grass, while a good # of my customers are always asking me if Ido cut grass, so maybe I can get the right advise here, on equipments and such.
    Thank you all.
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    Welcome to LawnSite. I gre up in Shelbyville, Ky and have been to Bagdad many times! I used to get feed for my cattle at Bagdad Roller Mills.

    Good luck in your new business!

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    Welcome to the site. I look forward to talking with you!

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