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    Well I've been on here since 2011, and I have gained more information from this site than from anywhere else during my three mowing seasons I've completed so far. I have come here to research pretty much every little tiny detail of my business. It has been such a blessing to have. Not sure if I could have made it this far without this site! Anyway, figured I'd try to be a bit more active this season.

    I am a solo (for the most part with occasional help from gf and had a little part time guy last season for a while). I started out with a rental rider which lasted about two months before I decided I couldn't do that anymore and went to a Ferris 36" WB. I cut every property the first two seasons (after the rental went away) with that mower. That included huge clean up jobs with grass as tall as me and one acre or more properties. Amazed at how well that mower has held up with just minor problems in three years and it was already ancient when I got it and paid $800 for it. I also had a cheap weed trimmer that had little pieces of line in it that you had to reload every time they broke so I carried a bunch of them in my pocket. I was hauling a massive enclosed trailer like 18 feet long that was TERRIBLE on gas but was free b/c my girlfriend had it sitting in her yard using it as a storage bin and play area for kids! I mean I was probably making no money at all those first two years just because of the cost of gas hauling that thing around.

    The third season I started to grow a lot more, but still had junk equipment. Finally got a junk JD z225 used with over 500 hours and in very bad shape. Started having problems about a week after I got it. Used it with tons of issues the rest of the season. Put about a grand worth of work into mowers.

    So I'm very excited that I'll be finally picking out a much better mower for this season. It won't be top of the line, but something entry level commercial. Been doing a ton of research and trying to find the right one that will last me a while.

    I have put so much sweat and mud into this company (along with a couple of helpers I had for much of last season). I am ready to see how much easier my life will be doing a one acre on an actual mower instead of having to walk with a 36" and having to cut almost all my properties minimum of two times each visit in an effort to make them look right! I got halfway through several jobs and was sweating so badly I would stop look around and think I just want to go home now. But I stuck with it, and I'm so glad I did!

    Last summer I finally got a new trailer that is much better on gas (6x10 open) and the summer before got a nice Echo trimmer that has been a wonderful upgrade!

    So hi! Hoping to be more active and to those of you who have helped me so much already I thank you all!
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    Hello and welcome from NC! Quite the story you have there. A more reliable rig will certainly make life, beat up used stuff is always false economy. May I suggest you check out Hustler X1i, on fleet pricing until the end of the month. If that's a stretch, the Fastrak SD is a great rig.
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    just paid off my ticket from going 74 on highway 52. how big is your average lawn out there? im in alpharetta/cumming and flowery branch.
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    I'll take a look at those for sure...I'm looking at everything right now :)
  5. jeeperscrow

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    Ouch on the speeding ticket!

    Seems all the lawns I get right here in Commerce are pretty large around an acre, but there are some neighborhoods I've been scouting lately that I plan to advertise in real hard over the next few weeks that have much smaller lawns. I actually live on a wooded lot that is almost eight acres (much of it not mowing, but still a ton to mow). Takes me longer to do my own lawn than any other lawn I cut!!! Mine gets neglected a bit during the season :)

    I also go out to Nicholson and even have one day that the route is straight through Athens and those lawns average around a quarter acre. Which is nice b/c that's the size I've needed with the equipment I've had.
  6. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    I also suggest you take a look at Hustler's line of mowers. I have been very pleased with my Hustler X-One.
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    ok thanks Scott. I actually did some research today and found out the John Deere dealer (Ag Pro) about 20 minutes from me sells Hustler mowers. So I'm going to swing by there and take a look at them this week.

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