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Gregson Clark Drop in Sprayer NC

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Fishin LCO, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. TScapes

    TScapes LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 453

    I, too, am interested in these stats. If a calibrated backpack usually sprays roughly 4,000 sq. ft., this should do somewhere in the range of 9-10k. Is that right? I've considered buying something like this or a small skidmount. The biggest account I have is just under an acre, but most are between 12-25k square feet. Currently I sub them all out, but if I can get something that is productive for me to use and keep my costs around $3 or less per 1000sq. ft. then I am all for it!
  2. kenny s

    kenny s LawnSite Member
    Messages: 85

    The way it recommended to calibrate is approx. 9 gallons per 20,000 sq. ft. I know I have sprayed more sq. ft than that putting down herbicide, at approx. 3-4 mph, walking speed. A younger fellow with no knee problems can probably walk faster and sustain a faster speed, covering more area quicker. You should without a doubt be able to spray several lawns at that are 12-25K with one 9 gal. tank full. Fertilizers may be different, I use granular ferts, not sprays, so I cannot speak to that mix. Depending on how many lawns you have to do in a day, and how many of them get treated, in addition to what you are treating for, this may not be the unit for you. The small skid prayer, or a pull behind sprayer, (hooked to your riding mower with a hitch) and an extendable boom may be right for you. When the unit is full of liquid, it is alittle harder to push, but doable without any problems, providing you are not pushing up hills or on severe slopes. This unit is adaquate for me because I do not do an extensive amount of spraying, so on any particular day I may spray five or six of the 8 to 10 lawns I am cutting. Like I said in an earlier response, if I were spraying the majority of my lawns, and I had 75 or more lawns to do on all kinds of grades, I would definately go with one of the ride on type spreader/sprayers, not only to save my knees and back, but for production purposes. Time is money as you know. So you need to sit down and look at the number of lawns to be sprayed and consider the time spent walking, refilling, recharging, and contemplate whether your money is better spent on a ride on, (new or used in good cond.) or whether you can do it with the Spreader Mate. Not to be redundant, for me, a one man operation with 30 accounts for the week, it is fine and works well for me. Like I said, my 10, 12, even 20,000 sq. ft. lawns are done in 5,10, 15 minutes walking, but again, the time factor is not that crucial for me. I hope this has helped you out. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, you can email me, (harleysol@optonline.net) and I will be happy to talk to you. I have a friend of mine who does lawn care, like a "Lawn Dr." type business and he has 2 older Perma Greens and he is on the machine all day, with 150 accounts to maintain spring through fall. He obviously needs the motorized units that he can apply granular and liquids either separately or as the same time. A Spreader Mate is of little use to someone like that.
    Kenny s.
  3. TScapes

    TScapes LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 453

    Thanks for the info. It's actually pretty interesting! I, too, am a solo op. I have downsized to my current status, but I specialize in commercial properties. At the moment, I have 10 accounts. I can only build back up to 12-15 depending upon the contract amount before I have to add another employee. Therefore, this might be what I am looking for. I sub it out now for roughly $4.50 per 1000sqft. I've thought for the last couple of years about doing it myself, so I can taper the treatments for each individual property and even try some organic apps. But as you know, it's a dollar thing vs production thing. I've done the backpack thing and even have a "T" wand for one, but it just takes FOREVER to backpack 20.000sqft! If you can do that with pushing a spreader..... DUH!

    I may have a few more questions for you.... How much does it weigh dry? Courious about the possibility of shipping.....don't want to drive up there, especially with all that snow coming your way!
  4. TScapes

    TScapes LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 453

    OOoooppps! Sorry Kenny... for a moment I thought you were selling it! Thanks for the info!

    Fishin... what part of NC are you located?
  5. kenny s

    kenny s LawnSite Member
    Messages: 85

    No problem, I probably sound like a salesman! I can answer the weight question for you. Empty it weights = 29 lbs. Boom incl.
    Tank assembly = 8 lbs
    Battery = 12 lbs
    Boom Assembly = 9 lbs
    Unit full of liquid with boom = Approx. 100lbs
    ***This is without the weight of the spreader of course, but that is on wheels, so it it not dead weight, and it probably only weighs 5 lbs anyway.
    The Pressure adjustment gauge is right there withing easy reach on the rear of the unit, so you stop and add or reduce the pressure if so desired. approx. 20 lbs of pressure is what I use to spray with. That is what is recommened in the book as well.
    The nozzles work great as wwll, you turn the top of the nozzle counter clockwise to open and clockwise to close, easy as that.
    In the book it tells you, you should be able to get 3-4 acres of use before a recharge, I believe it depends on the conditions of the lanscape, depth of grass, air pressure in tires, how many beers you had the night before, and sleep!! Just a little humor!! I think this is accurate, I can go pretty far with a full charge. I never leave the for work without it fully charged in the morning, and I always have my plug in charger in the pick up to recharge while cutting if I need to. They also sell truck mounted chargers with alligator clips so you can charge right off the truck.
    Kenny S. :usflag:
  6. kenny s

    kenny s LawnSite Member
    Messages: 85

    I forgot to mantion one thing, the on/off switch is a toggle switch that mounts right on the handle bar of the spreader, right where your thumb would go, so it is easily turned on/off with no effort. If you are righty or lefty,it does ot matter, because you can mount it on either side. The wire wraps around the handle bar so it does not dangle.
  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 9,280


    Can this unit be lifted in and out of the spreader easily? I would plan to use the same spreader to spread then spray and want to make sure this is highly modular.

  8. TScapes

    TScapes LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 453

    Dude! LMAO!! You are hillarious... and you actually sound like you should be selling not only this item, but this entire product line! Did you stay at a Holiday Inn last night? Ha! Ha! I must give you some serious props... you come across as a very insightful and intelligent guy. I'm sure your customers are lucky for that!

    My previous company had our corporate office up in Edison. Is that far from you?
  9. Fishin LCO

    Fishin LCO LawnSite Member
    from NC
    Messages: 143

    The sprayer is located in the Northern Outer Banks of NC. Any offers?
  10. CTS

    CTS LawnSite Member
    from Bath NC
    Messages: 16

    Do you have a local source for the battery?

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