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    Has anyone tried to take a 200 gallon lesco poly sprayer and add a 225 gallon leg tank to it by adding a gregsonclark add on tank system. It works off 3 way ball valves. I can add it for about $250.00. A new setup would cost over $3000.00 I would more than likely be using the same chemicals in both tanks. So no cross contamination. Now I have to transfer 200 gallons with bilge pumps and mix chemicals in the field. It would be so much easier to mix in the shop. The leg tank I have is just a nurse tank to refill my 200 gallon lesco sprayer. It sounds like it would work, just curious it anyone has tried it with any luck?
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    I did that to one of our trucks about 4 yrs ago because I got tired of refilling all the time. I ended up taking it out since it didn't give me any room for fert, plus I am running lower volume.

    Here is how I did it to mine:

    I took and put a "T" in just in front of the strainer, then I put valves on the "T" so I could turn one tank off, and turn the other on. I then put a "T" on the discharge, or agitator with valves on it so I could switch back and forth between tanks. I put an agitator in the new tank, and it worked perfectly. You just need to make sure when you switch between tanks to open/close the valves accordingly.

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    Yardpro is right. However...It is fairly simple to just get a bigger tank. Saw the frame in half if you need to. Like I did. 300 gallon is good and they come in various shapes and horizontal or vertical configurations. 400 gallon is fine if your truck is a one-ton.

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