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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ksland, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. ksland

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    A local mower shop here used to carry these Grid Iron racks and only has a 3' post set and a cooler rack and blower rack. I can get them at a decent discount and could use these. My question is, the poles are 3' instead of 4'. Obviously I am limited to some degree here. They mount to the floor also I believe so I would lose the first foot due to the side rail on my open trailer. So what do you think? Right now just the 2 uses would be nice but will I be able to add in the future? Or should I only get 4' set of poles.
  2. mowerman90

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    If I were you, I'd go ahead and spend the extra money to get the 4 ft posts. I've been using the GridIron system for my trimmer and stick edger for the last 3 years and love it. Just last week I bought the Backpack blower attachment and mounted it on the back of my posts and love it too. Actually, I don't know why I didn't get it sooner. Grid Iron makes about the most expensive system out there, but well worth it IMHO. In the long run you probably save money because you can design a system for your specific equipment.

    Hint: If you're mounting to an open trailer, mount it to the front of your trailer and not the sides. That way you can access your tools from either side of the trailer.
  3. Navig8r

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    I agree with the front mount idea.... I havent gotten mine yet, but a guy I worked for had them on the right side, and I came close to taking the equipment off them on a couple narrow roads(telephone poles, street signs, etc...) rather not have to worry about that.

    I would go with the 4' poles.... 3' may work if you can make a mount to go on the top of the trailer side rails (if you have them)

    I just wish more people sold Grid-Iron..... Local dealer does not even stock anymore..... spec. order only......

    Anybody know a good mail-order dealer, or Online dealer..??
  4. ksland

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    I know the 48" would be better but this is what they have in stock and they are going to give me like 30-40% off to kill whats left. If its functional I will buy it cause its a deal. If I had an option I would obviously go bigger. Thanks for the responses though. I like the front idea. I already have a 3 place trimmer rack on the pass side from another manufacturer
  5. baddboygeorge

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    i called that company on three different occasions an they always promised to send this an that an they never sent a single thing . they suck in my opinon, if a company cant get back in touch with a customer,thats a company i dont need to do business with so grid iron TAKE A HIKE !!
  6. Scraper

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    contact them direct...information at You want to talk to Mike

    unlike the badboy...I have never had any issues with them and have been dealing with them for 4 years now directly...ever since my purchase of the Proslide.

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