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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by jeffyr, Nov 23, 2002.

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    Hi all,

    I have a 96 dodge 1500 and recently had the front end travel through a Monte Carlo that crossed my path. My mosterous grill guard allowed me to drive away with very little front end damage when compared to the Monte that looks to be totalled. There was a Mopar grill guard on it which is not being made anymore. :cry: They do make one but it offers much less protection than this one did, so I am looking for other suggestions.

    Anybody have a good (or bad) recommendation for a replacement. I would like to hear opinions about the strength as well as the finish. (For example I have Smittybuilt nerf bars that I would never recommend because of the rust problem at the step part.) Thanks.


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    Hey .. I felt bad no one was replying sO I figured I would put one here. LOL..

    There is a company called MANIK , dont know how good they are ?? but keep seeing the name around... I think that the smity built ones are the stronges that I have seen or installed , too bad their finishes dont hold up.. Also Dee Zee has some really nice stuff , but mostly aluminam so wont be as strong... also a company called GO RHINO, they make some really solid stuff... There is also Hobrecht, that is solid like the smitty s stuff .. Or the best would be one of those new ARB winch bumpers with the welded in brush guard or even the Reunel ones.. BUt they are expensive..... Get one of those tow truck bumpers.. I would have if I didnt have the plow... GO check out meadowlands 4 wheel drive and see what they recomend, they have alot of experience in that realm... or try 4 wheel parts wholesalers on the net...

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