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  1. lawnboy

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    I go home like many of you with the worst hand cramps do to those weed eaters, and edgers. It seems like they could make a better design such as a butten you press or even the handle being padded more. i don't know it just seems like the machines grips are made more for home owners, who use it once a week, as opposed to us who use them all day. Just a thought.
  2. Craig Turf Management

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    I don't think the grips have ever caused me any dicomfort, but vibration sure has.
    I use Mechanix brand gloves. I have bought them at Northern and Auto Zone. About 20.00 per pair, and I go through two pair per year.
    They fit really well, and are padded in the right places. The part of the glove that covers the top of the hand is breathable so your hands stay cool. I wear mine all day except when I'm in my truck.
    Most all of the NASCAR pit guys wear them.

    Hope this helps, Bill Craig:cool:
  3. Guido

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    I never had a problem just trimming lawns, but if your doing an extra long trimmer or brush cutting job, invest in the shoulder harness so your hands and arms won't get tired from caryying all the weight.

    Also you may want to try some foak pipe insulation that slips on like wire loom with a slit down the side. You can find it at home depot or the like.

    Hope this helps!
  4. jeffyr

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    Handlebar tape for a bicycle works well too. You can get a rubber/ cork composition in a roll at a bike shop. The stuff at kmart isn't the same. $12 is enough to do the trimmer at leat 5 times.

  5. crs

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    Following the bicycle theme, try a pair of good cycling gloves. You can even get them with gel padding. Go to a real bike shop and they can hook you up with a durable pair. These really work well for dampening vibrations.:blob3:

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