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  1. greenskeeper44

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    we had this happen to one of our powerseeders recently because one of our guys tilted it back for a period of time to clean the tines and the oil got into the carbeurator and spark plug......cleared it out and now it works fine thank god
  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Honestly? If you get diarreah from eating Mexican the night before, do you blame ethanol too?
  3. FdLLawnMan

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    He is correct. I do not run ethanol in any of my engines. It is crap and I avoid it as much as I can.
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  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I burn that 'crap' and don't have an issue with it? Did someone tell you something that you now believe is true?
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    Well, after running small engines for years and after talking with a certified tech who works on these engines and owns a repair shop......who actually showed me the deposits that collect inside the carb and the damage it does to seals by drying them out.

    And having experienced my own problems since using ethanol fuel by having to tear down carbs yearly.

    I know what the blame is. Ethanol. BTW. My brother is a certified master tech and has been working on vehicles for 20 years and has told me the same things.

    But you know better....Right.

  6. FdLLawnMan

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    I worked as a technician in an engineering facility for 35 years that designed and built engines from 5 to 300 hp. Fuel was a very large concern to us. Engines can be built to "tolerate" ethanol and will work if you follow certain procedures. The problem is the corrosive nature of ethanol in that it is very hydroscopic. It attracts water and I assume you know what water does to engines. It is especially hard on 2-stroke engines. The small engine manufacturers association warns against using the E-15 blend and says your warranty is void if you do use it. So know, I didn't have someone tell me about this, I experienced it. Sometimes DA, you say things based on your own personal opinion that are not on the facts.
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    If the machine every has been laid over this will happen. We had this happen a few times in the boxtruck where it flipped over on its side for some reason.

    You just pull the spark plug and it will start right up.

    We have 6 of these machines and run them hard every week. As far as 400 hours per doesn't have a clue how many hours it has on it, you just have to take care of it.

    Just like every other piece of equipment it comes down to preventative maintenance and how well you take care of your stuff. We like to get rid of our machines when they get close to 400-50 hours anyway because we feel our maintenance increases with the age of any equipment that applies fertilizer.
  8. rcreech

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    Been running them 2 full seasons and no issues.

    Getting 3 new machines to replace exisiting machines this winter.

    The machine has had a few minor issues but overall is a great one.

    They have made many updates on the newer models to correct the issues.

    Brice has been great to work with!
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    So funny American, oops DA. Far as I'm concerned Ethanol isn't nothing more then a farm subsidy and is ****!!
  10. Efficiency

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    Id bet decent money this is what might have happened. It was in an enclosed trailer the day in question.
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