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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by NightLightingFX, May 2, 2008.

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    Are any of you familiar with "Adcart?" Have any of you tried it for advertising? I am VERY intrigued. There is an Albertsons in a very affluent area of my community. I have been doing a lot of work in this area, and there is a lot of new luxury homes going in also. With rose colored glasses, this this seems like a no fail marketing opportunity. On the other hand, I have felt VERY optimistic about other marketing gigs and ended up being disappointed. As I anaylise this store, and the demographics of people that live around it combined with real a impressive Artistic Outdoor Lighting picture for my add, it seems like a sure thing. But I am tired of pissing money away on advertising. On the other hand, having constant exposure for 6 mo. I should get atleast one job, right? One good job would cover the cost of advertising which is $1,500. I also told myself I wasn't going to spend any more money on these marketing gimicks. Just focus on creating a marketing plan out of my "Guerrilla Marketing for Free" book. I want to try the advertising but I don't want to risk the money - don't I sound pathetic
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    Guess it would be better placement than over the mens' room urinals in the local restaurant or bar...
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    I agree with Gregg. In fact, there are many other things that your cart idea is better than, such as:

    Buying a hot air balloon with your logo on it, sponsoring the next olympics, buying a sponsorship of an NFL stadium or NHL arena, or buying a few thousand matchbooks with your logo and leaving them on the counter of a convenience store that exists on the fringe of an upscale community of people who still smoke.

    But you live in the Pacific Northwest, where people don't smoke anymore. That leaves you with fancy grocercy cart signs or Ned's Low Voltage Stadium, home of the Seatle Seahawks.
  4. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    My advice.... take the $1500 bucks it is going to cost you to do this and go to the most exclusive golf club in your market. Make them an offer they cannot refuse. Tell them you are going to light the patio outside of the clubhouse and the path/gardens leading to the main entry for free. Then do it. Invest that $1500 (or whatever you have to spend) on making your self and your business remarkable in front of the clients you want to be serving.
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    I've tried a lot of stuff, and so has a close friend in the tree business. We even did some stuff together, like combined ads in the paper, and placemats in restaurants.

    The mats were our first thing. You don't see those much any more. But when people have little to do but stare until their food comes, at least they can stare at the ad and read it like a paper. Then it gets covered with a plate.

    We never did shopping carts, and I've thought about that one a lot, watching what people do in stores, and how I shop. I rarely look at cart ads.

    It takes almost no time at all for groceries to fill up the basket and cover the ad. Plus, people are staring at signs over isles, women are watching their kids, and men are watching women's asses. Anyhow, the cart ads is not what they are spending time looking at.

    The same amount of money, could plaster surrounding homes with brochures using the mail.
  6. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    When thinking up marketing campaigns, promotional 'events' and anything else to promote your business it is most important to get in front of your target market; to position your 'message' properly.

    Look at some of the lexicon that is used by others when talking about marketing and advertising. (MDV, I am not picking on you, but your post is closest so I will use it as an example.)

    combined ads.
    little to do but stare....
    shopping carts

    Ok, so who is your target audience? I understand that not every business can (or wants to) take aim at the top of the marketplace and that is fine. Outdoor lighting is generally not aimed at the middle of the market though. So it would pay you to understand how upper echelon consumers gain their information and make purchase decisions.

    In my experience, they don't do this by shopping through the advertisements in magazines, newspapers or the like. (some don't even shop! they have this done for them.) The ancient technique of advertising is becoming increasingly ineffective, especially for relatively small businesses like ours, and the consumers are very savvy. In my experience, the upper level consumers are making purchase decisions based on what they experience or their peers experience and then pass along by way of a referral.

    Seems Seth Godin might just have been right. Rather then spend your limited promotions budget on advertising, spend that same money on doing something within your organization that makes you REMARKABLE.

    Be Remarkable in your community.
    Be Remarkable to your clients, existing and new.
    Be Remarkable in your promotional efforts.
    Be Remarkable in your industry associations.

    By the very definition of Remarkable, you will create something that people (lots and lots of people) talk about! They will positively REMARK about you and your business to their peers. I call it 'network marketing'... the message is generated by a remarkable action and then passes along through networks that you would not generally know about or have access to. It works!

    It really is a simple concept, and so much more rewarding then sending off a cheque for a couple of grand a month to an advertising company.

    Have a great day.
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    I agree with you 100% James, network marketing is the best method for the clientele that we are targeting. With this method you also notice that the size of the projects increase dramatically.
  8. NightLightingFX

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    Thanks for the reality check. I am not going to do it. This location and store may be unique and a perfect thing to try, but I have had way more negative feed back than possitive feed back regarding this issue. I would be pretty stupid to ignor the feed back I have gotten and try it any way.
  9. Mark B

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    Ok here is a idea for you to chew on. If you have a BIG van/ work truck with your name all over it go park it up at the front to the shopping center way away from the the main parking lots. I think if you had your work truck wrapped that would be a good idea. Leave it for the day. I see other business doing that around here. That is my .02
  10. The Lighting Geek

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    Good idea Sleepy, I would agree with that. It might even be an idea to buy a van or large trailer only to park in the right areas for exposure. You have to be careful about local laws but I see 'Got Junk' trucks parked so you can see them from the major streets and such. It really has benefited them. I also agree with James. Instead of being only remarkable, we are just funny in our get up and that works too. I think Trucks and trailers marked with logos, uniforms, and nice business cards is a great start. Setting up simple night time events like a wine and cheese at a recent job for an illumination ceremony works. Invite people you want to do more work with, ie: designers, architects, pool builders, etc.

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