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grocery store


LawnSite Senior Member
i thought about offering my local winn a dixie a deal that i would blow off there parking lot twice a week to let me put my business cards at each register in a little holder. i would like some input from people if they think this might work<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida


LawnSite Bronze Member
It's a unique idea. But it's just not the type of promotion I would ever respond to as a customer.


LawnSite Gold Member
cjcland--this kind of promotion has worked for me, however I have never tried putting my cards at the registers of such a prominent location. back in the early days, I placed them at the checkout counters of the convenience, hardware stores, beauty and barber shops, and every where I could, in my end of town. it worked great. cost? about tewnty five cents worth of cards at a place I was going to stop and get a hot mug of joe or ahair cut anyway. one response and you are in the black. instead, I got several in a short while. when I got them was when I needed them...when I was starting up on a low buget.<p>for your question.... IMHO...never offer to do anything tit for tat. ask the mgr of the local WD for $20, $30, $50 or whatever a quality blow down is worth and also that the deal includes the card placment at the register.<p>there are times to give it away for free, but this isn't one of them. for volunteer work, find a couple that can't mow or afford to pay for it to be done on their small city lot. help 'em out three or four times a year if you can. good luck!<p>GEO