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  1. Uranus

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    My question is what is to big for one guy and how big is to big? I've been doing landscape matinence for seven years now and now this year decided its time to make my own money. I have 30 full time mowings plus 6 every other weekers. so i average 33 mowings a week plus some vacation cuts for my one time spring cleanups. I also get the side work at all of my accounts. I mow 3 day a week with a 60" exmark lazer and a 36" exmark metro walk behind. I think thats as big as I can get this year but I got a call from a new buddy in the business and he said he's getting out of the biz and will "GIVE" me 10 accounts aug 1st and 15 mor by the end of the year as he gets out slowly. I'm going to go and look at the 10 accounts and his equipment on sat. I'm thinking if it works out i need a employee at least 30 hours a week to support the extra work. Am I crazy for expanding or should I go for all of it and invest in more business?
  2. firefightergw

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    You should easily be able to handle 50 a week by yourself. If you have 5 days a week to mow.
  3. Uranus

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    If I was just mowing I could see 50, but I need to be able to have time to support the other needs of the propertys. Bushes, overseeding, tree work, aerating, etc. Plus alot of my accounts are over an acre. some take over an hour to mow and wack. I do 10-13 a day depending on the route. I know the price rage of the new lawns are from 50-125 dollars a week. There really aren't any small propertys that I have or could get
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    Yes, get hired help and take on the new clients. You can spend your free time doing extra work or expanding more. You also make money off their time. Find a college student.
  5. DuraCutter

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    Like Gardner said, hire someone. Look at all the various types of businesses around your city. Most if not all of them hire people. Hiring someone lets you delegate, forces you to figure your costs of doing business so you can bid correctly and make a profit and it allows you to grow. Imagine if the owner of Mcdonalds had done all the work himself :confused:

    To grow and become more than a one man show, hire...:clapping:

    You'll be amazed at the power you will gain!! :weightlifter:
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    500 yards a week outa keep you busy. after that start hiring the flunkies from arkansas.

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