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Has anyone used this for weed control and also can this be combine with round-up. The Gromoxone is supose to kill overnight and the round-up will keep it dead,<p>----------<br>Steve Harris<br>From The Ground Up Landscaping


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Atlanta, GA
If you get and overnight defoliation from the gromoxone, the Roundup won't have time to be absorbed into the plants system. You might try Finale, It gives a 4 to 5 day kill. <br><p><font size="1">Edited by: PLS


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Gramoxone is a burn down. It will kill some grasses and broadleaf weeds. But it the hard to control grasses and weeds will come back.<br>Roundup is the best choice and I believe it is the labeled for T&O. Gramoxone I have to question it.<br>P.S. The mode of action that both use to control unwanted weeds, they work against each other. Gramoxone works as a contact and defoliates. Roundup has to work through the plant and works slowly.<p><br>----------<br>GREEN-N-GROW LAWN CARE<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: greenngrow