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Grooves in Grass from Mower


LawnSite Member
Im trying to hammer out some problems ive been having with my lawn company so any help from yall would be greatly appreciated. My main problem right now is that there is an indention in the grass from my mower when i mower around the flower beds and such. Any user friendly ideas on how to make the grade even again and are there any ways to avoid this problem in the future? Thanks.


LawnSite Silver Member
The ground is obviously compacting where the weight of the tire is going over the same area repeatedly. If you have a second mower with a different size deck and tire spacing switch off between mowings. Otherwise line trim the area instead of running your tires over the same spots. Aerate it to alleviate some of the compaction.


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he means trim out farther so you change the path of the mower. when you get those spots, change the path and tim a bit more. alternate this from time to time and you wil help out tremendously


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Aerate those tire lines. Up one line down the other this always helps me. When mowing I checker board one yr the next yr go diagnal. I hate it when I see a lazy cutter just do the same thing yr after yr and the yard looks like ski mougals.


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Eureka, CA
I myself have been having this problem at a few yards... Aerate the lines eh? How would that help the lines? I mow in different directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) move my mower over, but the problem is here that its so stinkin wet, it happens. A lot of times some of the yards are so oddly shaped, you really cant mow in more than one direction without making even MORE ruts or marks. A couple of my yards were already so bad when I took over that on anything higher than second gear...your mower bounces a bit, and 3rd gear...forget about it!

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
You can also take a 21" mower and make a quick pass down and back next to the bed. That way the ZTR never even gets into that area. Does it take a couple of extra minutes? Yes. But if you want to say you're one of the best it's what you have to do.