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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by pete scalia, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. pete scalia

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    My business is a stand alone lighting company. We don't do anything but landscape and architectural lighting. I have 6 guys, myself and my wife working full time and can't keep up.

    In order to financially support the above statement How much in Gross sales per yr would you think that someone would need to make? This is purportedly a landscape lighting only business
  2. NightScenes

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    Go ahead Pete, since this is one of my posts from another forum, why don't you take a guess? I'll fill in a few blanks for you as well. I'm located in a town with 2 traffic lights and we're not even big enough for a McDonald's. We're about 60 miles from Austin which is the largest city around here. My company covers a 100 mile radius.

    You started this thread, before anyone else answers I'd like to here your answer.
  3. NightScenes

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    I need to add that the original post was a question asking if landscape lighting could be a stand alone business and be successful. I was saying yes, it can be.
  4. irrig8r

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    Of course it can, if you're willing to either locate in an area where the demand is high, or you're willing to travel the distance. Sounds like you're doing the latter.

    Because my business is essentially a split between irrigation and lighting, I don't have to drive as far most of the time. On the irrigation side it's further split between service, repairs, troubleshooting, designs and new installations. I know there's a demand for the irrigation work, and I've built up a reputation to where I can't just let it go.

    I also believe (based on my experience) that it's more recession-proof than lighting.

    OTOH, lighting is more drought-proof than irrigation.

    So for me, in my particular market and climate, and within my own comfort zone, a lighting only business would not be as desirable. There are others that do it here, and they also spend a lot more time on the road than I'd like.
  5. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    What a strange question... There are so many variables at play there that one could not begin to develop an accurate answer.

    Clearly Paul is 'making it' just fine He isnt "purportedly" anything.... Why would you doubt him?. The fact that he employs 6 others ( I see that as supporting 6 other families ) indicates that he is generating significant sales and revenues. Beyond that, who really cares other then Paul and his organization?

    Go for it Pete... take a stab and guess at what Paul's revenues are. You certainly seem very interested in what other people sell and earn, so I would think that you would be very good at this by now.

    When you are done, take a stab at what my revenues are... Should be a snap for you... Im just a little one man show up here in the frozen North woods.

    Have a great day.
  6. PatriotLandscape

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    from my historical numbers for landscape construction 6 guys plus you should generate a gross reciept of 600-750k depending on your cost of goods sold.
  7. Az Gardener

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    I'll bet he is closer to 1.5 Mil. and doesn't have time to spend his money.

    I know every time I get a lighting job it is like Christmas. Those lights just don't die :weightlifter: no matter how far the emitter is from the root ball :laugh:.

    Lighting only here is more difficult as most do it with the install and I don't know a single landscaper who does not do lighting along with the hardscaping and irrigation. Misting systems and pools are about the only things subbed out here and even those trades are coming into the fold.
  8. PatriotLandscape

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    I would be a very happy man if I could get 200k per employee.
  9. Chris J

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    Why not just cut straight to the chase and ask people how much money they have in the bank? Are we really having this conversation?
    BTW: "It's not how much you make that matters; it's how much you keep!"
  10. NightScenes

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    I agree Chris but apparently Mr. Pete has a need to know. I, of course would never divulge in an open forum what my companies gross sales were this year but I also would not lie about it if Mr. Pete were to have some inside information. I sure hope he doesn't work for the IRS!!

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