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Ground bees


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern Indiana
How do u get rid of them. Two weeks one of my workers got stung a few times at this yard along a wooden retaining wall where they apparently made them a new home in the ground. I used up 2 spray cans of Raid wasp spray and they were still there today (2 weeks later)


LawnSite Member
It's pretty simple. Let the bees calm down and pour gas in their hole. If they are "especially frisky", get you a piece of pvc pipe, slowly slide the pipe up to their hole, and pour gas down the end you have in your hand. The pvc pipe thing works great if the bees are still in an aggressive state. You can kill 'em long distance !


LawnSite Senior Member
Dump a coffee cup full of granular insect killer right on the hole when you're leaving to go to your next stop. Liquid Sevin is good too. Evening is best when they're back in the nest for the night.


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Indianapolis, IN
Use SEVIN. You can get the hose end bottle kind to spray for your situation. It is great in POWDER form too, for bees in homes. It should take care of the problem.

(Note: To not violate OISC rules, I tell the client where the problem is & tell them to get the SEVIN & do it by the next week. A 3b license doesn't "allow" you to spray anything but turf!)



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Brighton, MI
I got stung 29 times earlier this year from a ground nest. We sprayed 4 cans of foam spray in the hole, but when the foam subsided, they started coming back out. So we dumped 2 gallons of gas down the hole and killed all of them. As bad as it sounds, gas does the trick, and diesel is even better.

There were thousands of yellow jackets in this hole, but we wasted them with the gas.


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Yup, it does sound rough but you only need a few ounces (4-16oz.), I use gasoline myself. I'd say a shot-glass is adequate while a half-pint is enough, a full pint is more than enough, straight or mix (remember a pint is half a quart, and straight is cheaper than mix). If you don't have any with you, syphon a bit from the Wb or the truck, I usually pour it down the hole slowly and carefully straight from the can, paying attention not to get any dirt on the nozzle.

The reason it works so good is the smell lingers to drive off (and/or kill) the queen, but it does take a few hours hence why diesel is better due to slower evaporation (I bet kerosene would work also).

By the way, ground bees are called yellow jackets, boy they have one rough stinger, it's not like a regular bee, I believe yellow jackets are actually a type of wasp (and it burns like fire, the sting does).


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I mowed right over a nest today. Didnt see them. Got stung right in the f'ing neck... man that hurt.

Albemarle Lawn

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Will get about half the bees.

The other half will be really pissed off.

Yellow Jacket "bees" are not actually bees. They are wasps, which means one "bee" can sting again and again, whereas actual bees can only sting once, and are much less agressive.

When a true bee stings you, the stinger breaks off inside you, and the bee eventally dies. It makes the ultimate sacrifiice for the good of the colony, thus they are less agressive and only sting when truly threatened.


LawnSite Senior Member
park the mower deck right over the nest, and let the blades do the work lol. diesel would work well for this.
I tried that once and the bees were swarming out from under the deck and I had to make a laso with a piece of rope to retrieve the mower. Only got stung a few times.