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Ground cover for side of hill?


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a new customer that has a steep hill(55-60 degree bank) that currently is covered in grass. It covers about 5k feet. Due to the labor intensive method of weedeating it every time, they are wanting to replace the grass with ground cover. What is best for this? I was thinking some sort of ivy but I do not know much about what type. The hill is somewhat shady. Also when the cover is planted does the grass need to be killed off first or will it be overtaken eventually? Thanks for your help.There is only 1 landscape contractor in town and they are booked for weeks on end.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Go with any of the three english ivy , pacasandra ,or vinca, all of them work well . Before ya plant cut grass back to the ground , kill out area , then weedmat , use a bulb auger attached to drill an bore holes thru weedmat an into ground, plant no more than 1 foot apart, preferably 6 inches on center, Mulch around plants an your finished . have fun, George Phillips


LawnSite Platinum Member
Garland, Texas
couldnt have said it better myself. i would use vinca, itll look the nicest, and its the lower maint. easy to seasonally trim, and it doesnt get nasty woody like english ivy. english ivy has holdfasts, and thatll get nasty if it gets onto some sort of structure.