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    could use a little help here.
    I have got 128 sq ft that i want to turn into an ivy bed. if it matters there are two beds @ 16 x 4 i have decided to go with 6 - 24 packs depending on availabilty i may swich to a euonymous or ajuga variety
    any .02 is welcome
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    Your question is?

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    that was a little loose i was anxious to get back to the design.

    my question was is that enough to give it a not so thin look. making the customer feel it isworth the price. he is having a privacy fence installed and does not want to cut the out side any more, an area of 135 x 4. i have decided since the fence stops 31 feet short of the whole lenght and turns into a hedge i'm gonna drop the g- cover beneath it. there is a 30 degree slope on the 4' direction
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    The size of the original plants compared to recommended spacing is the determining factor. Cheap people spread it out beyond the recommended spacing others may cut it down to 50% just to make it look full.
    I would check around and find ivys that will grow adequately. I have 2 varieties of essentially the same type of vine. One took over the entire wall before the other got established. Typically the cheaper ones grow best.

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