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I gots this big hillside at one of the comm. prop's. I maintain, & I'm tossing around a few ideas on what to put there.<br>&gt;Grass is sparse, & needs mowed-no thanks (weedeat & push mow whole dang thing-UGH)<br>&gt;Soil is dry & very rocky/gravel-y & not alot will grow well<br>&gt;thought about ground ivy or other, but would probably have to add lots of topsoil to cover the area to get ivy to grow. I would have to apply roundup b-4 hand so grass doesn't grow thru it & then that needs trimmed down<br>&gt;I know ivy is hardy, but does it &quot;take&quot; well on dry pebbly soil, & on a hillside to boot?<br>Just wanted some ideas or experiences on some alternatives-no grass with a low groundcover that will hold up on that kind of soil would be best. The sparse grass there now is tacky, & isn't appealing to the eye for all the customers to see as they peruse the grounds.<br>Thanks all.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<p><br>


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Northwest Ohio
Smitty, I just did a hillside that the owner no longer wanted to mow. I planted Blue Rug Junipers. They are low growing spreading shrub. For a 1000sq.ft. I used 25 one gallon shrubs. Two-Three years the whole hillside should be covered. Bar Harbor Juniper is another choice. They will grow in just about any soil and the guy at the nursery said they are easy to grow,low maintenance. Hope this helps. Mowman