Ground hornet need to eradicate

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kirk1701, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. kirk1701

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    At least thats what I think they are, they are taking over the back yard and they dive at me everytime I go out. Now normally I'm not scared of yellowjackets, bee's or hornets; leave them alone they leave you alone and everyone gets along fine.

    How do I get rid of these things (besides gas not interested in that) before me or the family end up in the ER and I just got my dad out of the hospital for other reasons so don't want to end up back there again.




    Thanks guys
  2. sprayboy

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    Cicada killers
    you can put sevin in the nest at night and cover it up with the dirt.

    I've never heard of anyone getting stung by them.

    I do some vegetation work in rip rap and there must be thousands of them flying around, I just ignore them.
  3. vencops

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    cicada killers?

    Learn something every day.
  4. Ric

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    If you have a skid sprayer, that might be the best way by hosing them down real heavy with a pyrethrin. It has a fast knock down and will be safer. Also do it at night if possible. A hose end bottle sprayer can work also if you don't have a skid sprayer. BTW add a heavy % of dish soap it helps to control.

    These are stinging insect that can & have killed more than one person. Any time I have to get that close I wear a Bee Suit. Because they are not a pest of plants my state requires a Structural License to treat them. You may want to think about have a professional in your area treatment for you. They will or should have the proper PPE for getting the job done.
  5. Ric

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    Ground Hornets are in fact very dangerous. Just run over a nest with a mower and see how long many stings you can take before dying.
  6. kirk1701

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    No skid sprayer and the closest thing I have is a pressure washer which isn't very close at all. However I haven't seen many of them, just the nest so I actually may get away with a Ortho hose end sprayer and spray the pyrethrin??

    And that in fact is what I'm concerned about, I mowed last night and went over all the nest but was looking over my dam neck the whole time.
  7. sprayboy

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    I agree the ground hornets are very dangerous and have known people to go to the emergency room from getting stung.

    The pics he showed are the cicada killers which are not aggressive towards stinging humans as are the ground hornets.

    I watched one last year trying to get a cicada through the cracks in my deck down to it's nest. Was interesting to watch.
  8. rlitman

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    I'm pretty sure they're cicada killers too. I don't know of any other wasps in North America that look like that.
    I challenge you to find a single report of someone killed by a cicada killer (even someone highly allergic). I don't expect anyone will be able to find a single legitimate instance.

    The ones that "dive bomb" you are males, and don't even have a stinger.
    You probably won't see the females, but their sting is rated as about as bad as a mosquito's bite. Nothing to be concerned with.

    Now I certainly understand your wanting to kill them.
    You may want to read this:

    If you decide to kill them, consider this: you'll need to spray lots of chemicals, and will likely not kill what's in the nests (because of how they are internally walled off). You can cover the nests (say with brick or stone), and that will stop them. But your best bet, is to sit back and watch nature. They're pretty cool creatures.
  9. RussellB

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    dang I feel bad now. The last two years I have killed them because I thought they were big bees. I used a can of hornet spray (the kind that is a foam and sprays about 10 plus feet) and it worked well. The guys are right, they are cool to watch and I won't be killing any more of them.
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  10. RigglePLC

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    I don't think they are cicada killer wasps. Cicada killers nest individually--not in a colony.

    For yellowjackets I suggest some Sevin dust. Sneak up on 'em at night when its cool and they won't be very active. Dump a couple ounces of dust down the hole. And on the dirt landing area in front of the nest. The dust will not evaporate and will stay around long enough to coat their bodies and get into the fine hairs of their bodies. With luck the whole colony is gone.

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