Ground Hornets

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  1. vwpower44

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    So I was removing Ivy from a 24'x8' bed and was suddenly swarmed by ground hornets. I called the pest control company I deal with and had them come out to check the area, and they couldn't find anything. I want to go out to continue working in the ivy bed, but don't really want to get swarmed again (It hurt just a little). Are there any tips to getting rid of ground hornets? These things were about 1.5-2" long, and I was stung several times through two layers of t-shirts. I did not see any holes in the ground, so I don't know if they were passing through, or they are located in close proximity to where I am working.
  2. Frank Fescue

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    Take a lawn mower over to the area and let it run, run away and spray them with a long range control. if you dont think you got them all take a dead one or preferably a dying out and thumbtack it to a nearby tree with a note that sahys "Get the picture?"
  3. Rtom45

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    Just stand there for awhile and watch. If there's a nest, you'll see the hornets coming and going. After you've identified the entrance you can spray it with wasp-hornet killer.
  4. cod8825

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    Spray diesel everywhere
  5. RigglePLC

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    Once you find the entrance, a couple ounces of insecticide dust (like sevin) dumped in the hole is a good bet. It clings to their bodies and will remain a lot longer than a spray. Best to do this at night when it is cool--use a flash light.
  6. Hogjaw

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    Prior to getting into the business, I ran upon the same problem.

    I highly do not recommend this action, but it is something I did and the results were fantastic. Bear in mind I was 30 years younger, high strung, and fast on my feet.

    One quart of gasoline proportioned and poured in all the holes you can find, (2) let set for 5 minutes, (3) strike match and place in hole, (4) run, run, run because there will be multiple booms as the earth beneath you shakes, (5) peek out windows and watch neighbors reaction, some will venture to find source or the location of the explosion(s), (6) be prepared to answer questions from the authorities should they be called.
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    I'm in agreement with Rtom45. Once you locate entrance, mark it with something (stick, rock etc,) wait til after dark and spray the entrance with wasp-hornet killer.
  8. Ric

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    How did you come up with such a Classic Common Sense, Text Book answer to dealing with all Social insects??? Just think of how many gallons of Diesel fuel it would take to soak into the ground to control Ground Hornets and how much fun you would have pouring out those 55 gallon drums. Plus you would have a pernament solution to insect control in that area. Do they make Skid Sprayer for Diesel Fuel????

    BTW while everyone should carry a can of Wasp & Hornet Killer, Dusts work well on hives because workers will fan fresh air into the hive all night long. Extra Fine dust like Boric Acid will travel to the Queen and gain control easily not that Wasp and Hornet Killer won't work most of the time. But the Tree Huggers will like the Boric acid because it is also used as an Eye Wash and Food Preservative.
  9. cod8825

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    I was joking about using diesel fuel.

  10. Ric

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    I wasn't Joking. Diesel Fuel is a great insecticide - Herbicide. Why weed eat when you can just soak the ground with Diesel fuel. I think you should post about it's fine Qualities in the Save the Wales Forum.

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