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Ground Hornets

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So I was removing Ivy from a 24'x8' bed and was suddenly swarmed by ground hornets. I called the pest control company I deal with and had them come out to check the area, and they couldn't find anything. I want to go out to continue working in the ivy bed, but don't really want to get swarmed again (It hurt just a little). Are there any tips to getting rid of ground hornets? These things were about 1.5-2" long, and I was stung several times through two layers of t-shirts. I did not see any holes in the ground, so I don't know if they were passing through, or they are located in close proximity to where I am working.
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Just stand there for awhile and watch. If there's a nest, you'll see the hornets coming and going. After you've identified the entrance you can spray it with wasp-hornet killer.
I'm in agreement with Rtom45. Once you locate entrance, mark it with something (stick, rock etc,) wait til after dark and spray the entrance with wasp-hornet killer.
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