Ground logic spray boom

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by RABBITMAN11, Apr 20, 2014.

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    I would like to add to this a bit. I recieved my spray bar for 2014 pathfinder last night. I installed it this morning and did some spraying. The visibility of the material and uniformity of the spray pattern are head and shoulders about the stock unit. Not sure why they don't just put these on them to start with and add 200 to the price of the machine. The spray bar is a worth while investment if you own a pathfinder. I was getting some pretty inconsistent spray coverage with the single nozzle. Not to mention the drift. Seems the SB will fix these problems. Will tell in a couple days how well the pattern is in reality but on concrete it looked great. I will post pics of it once I figure how to upload them.
  2. irishstuey81

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    I just happen to be selling one in Iowa, if you're interested.
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    PM sent your way!
  4. irishstuey81

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    Stock tips are 1/4 gal. You have to buy the tips separately, if you want a different size
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    we will have 3 for sale. not sure if we are going to try for a mid season delivery of our jr36r's or wait til year end. The ground logics are always having this or that small issue. Our z sprays have close to 800 hours ea and have not missed a day since taking delivery. Buyer be ware.

    BTW, they are not 1/4 gal tips. At least ours are not
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    Can someone post pics of the GL Spray Bar mounted to a PG Mag?
    People keep telling me they will e-mail me pics, or post here, but so far nothing.....

    Also, not sure how GL units could be unreliable? It is my understanding that they are a better built Permagreen. And I have had very few issues with my PG other than replacing a couple cables. I guess I would not hesitate to buy a GL. (Didn't end up getting a new ride on this season as my Magnum did not sell on time)
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    You keep regurgitating that same nonsense. Other than a few minor details both are basically the same thing. The major components are exactly the same. I could care less about one being better than the other, but I get tired of the misinformation that gets thrown around here. If one of the big guys on here buys some.....then they are the best.

    Can you think on your own?

  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Lose a big customer today or what??

    Of course I use information presented to me on here. When you don't own a particular brand, and have no practical means to demo beforehand, then I have to use professional advice. Rodney uses GL units and he has had very good luck with them. As have a few other guys. One guy comes on here and rails on GL. I think I will go with the majority on this one.
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    I have 3 gls and have only had two belts break in 3 years....maybe he got some lemons? We love them
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    Huh, that is what the told me at GL a few days ago when I visited to get some new tips.

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